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  1. shkamat

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hi I reviewed the site. Looks great. Please review www.onlinebuypc.com/catalog and let me know your feedback. I am not a programmer but have tweaked in a bit of CCC
  2. shkamat

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Yes I would like to see CCC working on live site.
  3. shkamat

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    I tried to install this CCC into my OSC but it seems its not working. build.php gives me nothing. left menu shows me the products I created in CCC and in main catalog as well. but when i select the product and add to shopping cart, it says "shopping cart is empty" Please help.
  4. shkamat

    Product attributes in tabular form?

    There is a contribution QTPro4.2 and you can manage quantity of product attributed thru admin module... I have used it for my store and it works fine... you can choose multiple dropdown and set/update quantities for these attributes. check it out.
  5. shkamat

    Varying Payment Options by Category/Product

    Well i have a similar problem... Online shop has two main categories... Main product and Accessories... For accessories the customer needs to pay thru eprocessing network.. but for main product he needs to choose COD and bank deposit and the payment instructions would go to him by email.... Can anyone help me in putting conditional payment module selection? that is, if products from accessories are chosen then pay ePN if products from mail product line are chosen COD or Bank deposit. IS this possible? can anyone help me? thank you
  6. shkamat

    Deposit / Down Payment Module

    I am looking for the same module too. I have included ePN {eProcessingNetwork} payment module. Can anyone help me in collecting part payment and record the balance to be paid / collected thru OSCommerce payment module ePN at later date? Please help. Thank you SHK
  7. shkamat

    Using ePN as payment mocule

    hi, I am installing and configuring OSCommerce for my online shop. I will be using ePN (www.eprocessingnetwork.com) as my payment module. How do i integrate the same into my oscommerce? How do i configure it? Please help. I am a new to ecommerce and first time installing and configuring OSCommerce. Thanks --Shubhangi