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  1. The easiest way I can think would be to use a suffix after the part/model number... ie: if 3 parts all use PRT1001 Then use PRT1001-1 PRT1001-2 PRT1001-3 That way, people searching for PRT1001 should find all 3 (someone please correct me if the 'Quick Search' doesn't search for part words by default) Alternatively, if they are variations on the same type of part, then use the attributes feature to differentiate.
  2. mrjkb, You need to download a txt file of your store contents, update the pricing and then re-import the file. If you only have the model number, price and EOREOR fields, it will consider the other blank cells as updated data and overwrite the existing database values with the new (blank) data.
  3. I'm no pro on the easy populate contrib but if my understanding is correct, you can download a txt file and add your categories & image names into the txt file and re-upload. This will update the existing records already in the db. Sorry if i've missed a previous post outlining a problem preventing you from doing this.
  4. I got the same error too... Replace the 3rd line... INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Temp Directory', 'EP_TEMP_DIR', 'temp/', 'If you changed your directory structure from stock and do not have /catalog/temp/, then you'll need to change this accordingly.', 17, 1, now(), now(), NULL, NULL); With this. INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Temp Directory', 'EP_TEMP_DIR', 'temp/', 'If you changed your directory structure from stock and do not have /catalog/temp/, then you''ll need to change this accordingly.', '17', '1', 'now()', 'now()', 'NULL', 'NULL'); Worked for me!
  5. skope

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    I'd tried the original PDF catalog 1.5 and was having this problem... hence, why I downloaded the Thumbnailer PDF Catalog. I installed it on a clean OSC MS2 shop so there was no existing mods from the old version. I've removed all other languages from the system except for English so there shouldn't be any problems with multiple catalogs. 1. Definately using the latest version of the contrib 2a. All my images are in the default directory (/catalog/images/*.*) 2b. The GD library is installed because the script is generating the thumbnails and writing them to the /catalog/images/imagecache/ directory. 3. All my images are jpg's and the largest image is about 70kB I'm still locked out of the site at the moment... I'm trying to get the host to remove the bandwidth limit temporarily so I can get back in to the site and do more troubleshooting.
  6. skope

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    I've just installed and configured this contribution and all went ok until I tried to generate a PDF from the admin. The server returned a 509 error - Bandwidth exceeded. Looking at the logs, by generating the catalog, it pumped about 2.5Gig of traffic through the server. The store has approx 250 products. Is this amount of data transfer common? Thanks,