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  1. nikita

    Cookie used language

    I need a very simple cookie add to my osc site: - when website user select one language, system sets a necessary cookie and remeber choosen language for that user; - when this user comes back to the website (eg. after a week) our system automaticaly reads cookies and show website in a saved language. How to get this simply?
  2. I have the same unresolved problem as you got. Do you know how to iprove this error?
  3. nikita

    Enforce Attribute Select Contribution Help

    Hi, I've got the same error. Have you resolved it?
  4. Hi, everyone! I have a login information for a datebase, where all products are located. My aims is to insert this products to my shop by using information from this datebase. In this datebase, not mine, there are prices for all products. I'm going to sell this products with -20% from datebase price. So I'd like to know how to insert a tax to my shop with minus value?! I do it for that, when I will copare my prices and datebase prices they should be the same. But customers in my shop should see prices with minus 20% value. I think it could be casual. * I try to insert a minus (-20%) value to my tax, but it don't show and don't count it in my shop and admin. Thanks a lot.
  5. nikita

    DIBS payment method

    Good evening, community members! I use a DIBS payment method in my shop. So I've installed the last version from oscommerce contributions. And I've got problems with it! Actually, I use 2 payments methods in my shop: Check/Money order and DIBS. When I purchase something in my shop and I choose Check/Money order payment method, my order confirms very well. But when I use DIBS method, after checkout_confirmation page I get into DIBS payment window, where I insert card number etc. The last step in DIBS payment window is the following: Screenshot After that I click on "Next" button and I see the shopping_cart page and it's empty. In my DIBS admin account (https://payment.architrade.com/admin/) I see the order and the money has been reserved in a customer bank card account. But I don't see the order in my osc admin - there's nothing. And in the database there is no order added. So, may be you can help me with that problem. In my opinion, maybe I lost a session when processing and that's why I'm redirected to an emty shopping cart, or maybe some files redirects be there. At this moment I need help. If you need any source code files from my shop, please tell and I'll show them. Thanks a lot.
  6. nikita

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Uhh, sorry, there're another one small bug. Now to show subcategories open catalog/includes/function/informatio.php find this line: for ( $i = 1; $i < ($count_child+1); $i++ ) { and replace with this: for ( $i = 0; $i < ($count_child); $i++ ) { And now it works for me with subcategories!
  7. nikita

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I understood why! :lol: I think a lot of people who've downloaded the last Information pages unlimited v1.0 contribution had the same bug as me. So I understood there's a small bug is in the last Freeman's release (added on 18 Feb 2007). So in your admin directory in information_form.php find the following part of code: $options = '<option value="NULL">- and replace it to this: $options = '<option value="0">- Close this file and open another one in your catalog/includes/functions directory named information.php. Find this line: if (!isset($information_tree[$element['key']]['parent_id'])) { and replace it to: if (!isset($information_tree[$element['key']]['parent_id']) || ($information_tree[$element['key']]['parent_id'] == 0)) { That's all. Now Freeman's last release are without bug which I've found. It works for me. :) I'm going to repost freeman's release there http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1026
  8. nikita

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I've got the following bug in just installed Information Pages Unlimited contribution: When I edit curent page which don't have a parent page and after editing I'm pressing on Insert button, this page parent_id changes in db to '0'. It's bad, because that's why this page don't show hereself in a shop information menu box. Because here parent_id should be 'NULL' in a database. I analyzed the db table, the 'parent_id' row. It looks like this: `parent_id` int(11) default NULL And I analized the fail information_form.php Loook throw this line: $options = '<option value="NULL">-'; This line should add NULL parametr to parent_id to the database if we don't choose parent page when I edit my curent page. But in my database this line adds '0' to parent_id. Somebody can tell me why?
  9. nikita

    Menu Over Mod

    Do smobody know how to make top categories opened in Great Categories contribution? I mean, I'd like to see my main top categories opened if they've got subcategories!
  10. nikita

    New Attribute Manager Released..

    I have Register Globals OFF. When I install it, I go to the 'new_attributes.php' page, there is a dropdownlist with my products. When I select any product from a dropdown list and click on 'edit' button, it does nothing. Please, help to resolve my problem!
  11. I've got the same error! Have you resolved it?
  12. Yes, but what about Catalog side? We have changed the default image directories for products, categories and manufacturers only in admin side. It's really work. But we havn't changed the catalog side, the images (for example, category images) actually are in DIR_FS_CATEGORIES_IMAGE but in product listing or on the products_info page they try to be shown from DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES. It happens because we haven't changed the way how images get to the screen in catalog, and they do it from DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES, not from DIR_WS_CATEGORIES_IMAGES. I believe that you have anderstood me. :) Thanks a lot.
  13. And what if I have got a lot of sub-categories? For example, my tree look like 'images/products/man/footwer/slides/sandals/'. Will it work for me, or I should make some corrections to the code? Thanks for support. :)