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  1. pnkranger


    Jack, For some reason, STS kills the map. I have tried posting the java in an external file and requiring its inclusion in the easymap.php file, but STS is still keeping it from loading. I disable STS and it works. Any ideas? Thanks, Nick
  2. pnkranger

    SEO Assistant

    Any way to isolate the problem and fix it?
  3. pnkranger

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I would like to alphebetize the output of the site map for easier use (my site has a billion extra pages). Will alphebetizing the string effect the SEO properties of the page at all? I am clueless when it comes to SE response. If it won't hurt anything, does anyone have a quick fix for alphebetizing the list?
  4. pnkranger

    SEO Assistant

    I have seen this mentioned a few times (and I have the same problem): As this is the page rank, I can't just comment the code out. Is this due to a server setting or is this due to google making changes?
  5. Do you have a link to your site so we could see what it's doing?
  6. I installed the default image part of this contribution. This ONLY calls images whose filenames don't exist within the images folder. If no image is specified (field left blank), then you still get the red X. Does anyone have a work-around for this?
  7. Jack, I figured it out. There was a problem with my includes/languages/header_tags.php file. There was a space between the Description and Keyword. And there was a blank line after the Keyword define. I'm not sure why this affected anything, but deleting the space and adding a commented line after keyword fixed the problem: Original: define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL','osCommerce'); define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL','What\\\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies'); define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL','DVD Movies What\\\'s New Here?'); // DEFINE TAGS FOR INDIVIDUAL PAGES Corrected version: define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL','osCommerce'); define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL','What\\\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies'); define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL','DVD Movies What\\\'s New Here?'); // END DEFAULT
  8. Jack, it reacts just the same as it did before. Nothing is posted to the header_tags.php file and the on-screen Description changes to "Test Description" only until you navigate away and then back to the Text Control page, where it returns to normal. Any ideas? Thanks, nick
  9. Jack, I think my question got lost in the shuffle here. I started a question on page 69 and you asked me to add a few lines to my header_tags_english.php file as a test. Do you have any suggestions for my problem (Description and Keyword are not updated correctly from the Text Control page). Thanks,
  10. It seems like it would be pretty massive...but the parts of the files that are changed have not changed, i.e. still replacing the same text, etc., so you will just be swapping code. I think the original author listed everything inside the: <!-- BOF: HTC or something similar, so not too hard to search and find it. Wish there was an easier way, but I don't think there is. Though, there might be update install directions inside...not really sure.
  11. knifeman...at some point (in one of the full updates) the code as a whole was upgraded, meaning that both the admin and catalog side references were changed/shortened and the database changed to reflect these updates. I think a partial update from 2.4.2 to 2.5.5 is pretty impossible unless you are willing to deal with a great deal of troubleshooting. It would probably take you less time to update the entire install.
  12. knifeman...sounds like you have not posted the files to your catalog directly. In your FTP program, navigate to the folder listed in the error message (includes/languages/english) and look for the header_tags.php. If it is not there, you have missed uploading it during the install. Find this file in the zip file and FTP it to the folder. It should work then. As for this question, the latest versions of HTC support additional Category Descriptions. You edit those descriptions the same way you add/edit a category using the Catalog/Products link.
  13. The top of the page shows the same thing before and after I update the description: Desc Before = define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL','osCommerce : What\\\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies'); Desc After = define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL','osCommerce : What\\\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies'); The text field changes to show my updated version...however, when I leave the page and return, it has defaulted to the old title (What\\\'s New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies. Does that help you?
  14. pnkranger

    New Attribute Manager v.5.0 help

    You forgot to add the bit of code to the FILENAMES.PHP file. Add this to admin/includes/filenames.php: //KIKOLEPPARD New attribute manager start define('FILENAME_NEW_ATTRIBUTE_MANAGER', 'new_attribute_manager.php'); define('FILENAME_NEW_ATTRIBUTE_LINK', 'new_attributes.php'); //KIKOLEPPARD New attribute manager end I think the link has to do with something i did later on. So I don't think it is necessary. Just the first one.
  15. pnkranger

    Which contribution does this...

    Product Listing Contribution