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  1. Xtcprint

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hello I am trying to use the sts with a tshirt design mod I have gotten everything to work great except this page http://theghosthub.com/shps2/shirt_text.php?products_id=36 There should be a bunch of little colored boxes at the bottom to choose the text color If i trun off the sts they show So i must need to add something in the sts to make the ajax script work? Please help Thanks Debs
  2. Xtcprint

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    yes its in the sql update file i have
  3. Xtcprint

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Has anyone been able to get this mod working? I have tried several times with a brand new osc install everytime but cannot get past the sql update.....even if i clean the db out, install osc, the try to update with the sql update file it says duplicate entries....
  4. Xtcprint

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Ok This is way to vague for a normal person i think Here is my deal Installed a fresh osc...no mods at all followed instructions several times thinking i did something wrong before i can even start to configure this mod i get errors out of the box...... We need complete instructions on installing this mod you say Step 1: Install Stock osC 2.2MS2 DONE Step 2: Download Latest version of Multi-Stores Contribution DONE http://www.oscommerc...y/contributions,1730 Step 3: Unzip files and copy them over 2.2MS2 installation (both admin & catalog) DONE Step 4: Run the update.sql against the proper osC db. DONE with immediate error Step 5: Go to /admin -> catalog -> stores -> "Insert" (enter info -- at least a name) continue until you are finished for each store. DONE -- YOU SHOULD NOW HAVE A SINGLE STORE (/catalog) WITH 0 products in it. DONE Step 6: Copy /catalog and rename it whatever you like however many times you like (1 for each store) DONE Step 7: Open /catalog/install/oscommerce.sql and copy all of the INSERT INTO configuration statements and paste them into your favorite text editor. DONE Step 8: Do a search and replace for "INSERT INTO configuration" and replace with "INSERT INTO store2_configuration" (or naming them something of value "chuckstools_configuration". DONE Step9: Update the osC sql db with the modified INSERT statments. Repeat Step 8 & 9 for each store (*making sure to change # or name for each store) DONE Step10: Go to admin -> catalog and assign categories & products to the stores you desire. DONE Step11: Enjoy. IWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am i missing, whats the secret to this mod......... As soon as i install i get an error when i try to create a product some price break thing if that needs to be installed dont you think it should say that in this install file?