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  1. kbakba

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Jan, Still loving your contribution! Can you tell me where code is located to set the customer database id default that is currently "0" which is the retail---to a number representing wholesale instead. I only have Retail Wholesale Tax Exempt I want everyone to see the retail, BUT for everyone who creates an account I would like everyone to automatically be Wholesale. The "retail" customers can checkout without an account for the retail prices and everyone else just by virtue of "creating an account" gets to be wholesale Automatically without my approval, so they can order that same day without waiting. This is not obvious to me. I have my copy of Sam's Learn PHP in 24 hours but haven't read enough yet. Thank you for your support. (I know about the red light issue of changing it to zero to turn it off for those added automatically:)
  2. kbakba

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I'd still be curious to know which contributions out there will cause problems for the "SEPARATE PRICES FOR SEPARATE CUSTOMERS" SID killer? Header Tags Controller? Ultimate Urls?
  3. kbakba

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I just finished installing my Purchase Without an Account contribution; and this and the Sep Price Per Customer "jive" fine. (I guess it's not totally true that their "info wont be saved"--it is, until I delete it,--they just can't access it with a password) :-"
  4. kbakba

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Jan, I just reinstalled my osCommerce and decided to try your contribution of Separate Pricing Per Customer. I had uploaded the Option Field Attribute contribution so had to only do a PARTIAL manual install of about 5 files, and then just uploaded the rest. Everything is working as it should. Your work is very impressive. Thank you for the contribution, and continuing support on the contribution support thread. NICE JOB!! Off hand, do you know of any contributions to stay away from that might bring this one down? I was wanting to use the Checkout without an Account contribution, because some people are afraid of having their information stored, and would be willing to pay retail just to avoid Creating an Account somewhere. Thank you again
  5. kbakba

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    I had just finished installing Header Tags Controller when I found this one. Does one need to have Header Tags Controller to use your contribution? I'm unclear how to use Header Tags Controller. If I add a product to one of my categories, where do I get the page name from.????? I wanted to add other meta tags just besides the 3 or 4 in the controller program. What kind of Tags does your contribution support. Can I just incorporate your into the Header Controller one?
  6. Hi, WHEW! finally got to the end of this long thread, and didn't find a matching solution to my small problem. :huh: I installed the new Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 by Chemo. (really angry to hear he was banned on the eve of a major contribution to this organization) It was an easy install, But.......... When I click ADD TO CART no products are ever added, whether I am logged in or not. I hesitate to uninstall this contribution, and hope to find a solution. ????????
  7. kbakba

    Bestseller Contribution

    HI, Looking at both of these website it appears that they found the answers but forgot to return and share them. What is the solution? I have installed the BESTSELLERS feature with admin, BUT.... the images taken are the super size ones (click to enlarge) from my products, so just a small portion of the picture is scrolling. What is the simple solution? :-"
  8. kbakba

    dynamic mopics

    Why would new products appear in the 'whats new' box, and the 'new products for the mont of....'box But not accounted for in the category box? The products are "active". All of the images are uploaded to the images/folders. Do the thumbnails have to be PRE-scaled down or does mo pics scale them down. My thumbnails are the same pictures that the large images are. My thumbnail box just says "no additional pictures available". :blink: