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  1. rift

    Master Products - MS2

    Got it sorted, needed to change second entry as well. Thanks
  2. rift

    Master Products - MS2

    Tried changing 0 to 1 with no result, master quantity still comes up with 0 and nothing is added t ocart when selected.
  3. rift

    Master Products - MS2

    The Master Products Contrib is great. How hard would it be to enable the slave products to link to a number of masters? For examle if I'm selling computers I have a number of CPU Boxes as Masters and would like to slave hard drives and memory and monitors so it is easy to select a package. All these products are available individually however I would like to see them on all the master pages as well. Also how can I make the master product have a default purchase value of 1 not 0.
  4. I have just installed the Master Products Contrib which is great and Just what I need however I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable a slave product to be linked to multiple master products or is there a different contrib I should be using