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  1. I've seen similar error message questions on this topic but none of the solutions have worked for me. I've installed xsell_1_2_3. In fact, I've reinstalled it and gone step by step through the instructions. On both the catalog side and the admin side I get the following error message: 1146 - Table 'osc_mycompanyname_com.products_xsell' doesn't exist select distinct p.products_id, p.products_image, pd.products_name, p.products_tax_class_id, products_price from products_xsell xp, products p, products_description pd where xp.products_id = '30' and xp.xsell_id = p.products_id and p.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = '1' and p.products_status = '1' order by sort_order asc limit 6 [TEP STOP] Could this have anything to do with the "osc" in "Table 'osc_mycompanyname_com.blahblahblah"? My database does not have "osc" in it...simply "mycompanyname_com." Where does the osc come from? If that is standard language, what else could be causing my problem? Thanks, djms
  2. djms

    Country-State Selector

    YES!!! That did it, thank you, Steve! :D
  3. djms

    Country-State Selector

    Steve, Thanks for your replies and help. Picking up from my question a few days ago... As you suggested, I've searched for tep_get_country_list...unfortunately I've been unsuccessful. I've tested changing other code that looks like it might do the trick...again unsuccessfully. I'm at my wits end. Would you share a bit more of your time and help me find the code to change? I'm guessing that I'll use the same replacement code you shared with Dandelion. Correct? Thank you, djms
  4. djms

    Country-State Selector

    No, I don't think so. I changed it there when I made the changes per your instructions to Dandelion. It works perfectly except when you try to edit either the shipping address or billing address from the Order Confirmation page. Clicking edit for the shipping address at that point takes you to catalog/checkout_shipping_address.php. Clicking edit for the billing address at the Order Confirmation page takes you to catalog/checkout_payment_address.php. In both instances, the country box is still there. I've looked in both files but can't figure out what to comment out or delete and replace with <?php echo tep_draw_hidden_field('country', DEFAULT_COUNTRY); ?> or even if that's the correct place to do it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Djms
  5. djms

    Country-State Selector

    Another evening of serching & trying different code...still no luck. Anyone? djms
  6. djms

    Country-State Selector

    Steve's reply to Dandelion as quoted above was helpful to me as well. I've changed this info in my store as I too am only selling within the US. The fixes work well in the create account screen and when editing from the address book. Yet, the country box is still showing up when you edit the shipping address and the billing address from the Order Confirmation screen. I tried to find similar code in areas relevant to those screens...no luck so far...probably due to my lack of php coding skills!!! :'( Can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks!
  7. djms

    Country-State Selector

    Thanks, Steve. I couldn't visually find the missing open brace so I restored my original address_book_process.php file and made the changes again per the Country-State Selector. Whatever was wrong is now okay and it's working great! Thanks again...great contribution...the first REALLY big one I've got to work!
  8. djms

    Country-State Selector

    My apologies if this has been asked before...I've looked though pages of messages to no avail. I've just installed the Country-State Selector Contribution which works great pretty much everywhere (Thank you, Steve!!!), except for this error whenever I try to edit an address. Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}' in /home/xxxxxx/mycompany-www/catalog/address_book_process.php on line 202 Along with some before & after coding, the code in question is: $messageStack->add_session('addressbook', SUCCESS_ADDRESS_BOOK_ENTRY_UPDATED, 'success'); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_ADDRESS_BOOK, '', 'SSL')); } } // +Country-State Selector } <<--- THIS IS LINE 202 if ($refresh) { // Recreate $entry from post values collected above $entry = array( 'entry_firstname' => $firstname, 'entry_lastname' => $lastname, 'entry_street_address' => $street_address, 'entry_postcode' => $postcode, 'entry_city' => $city, 'entry_state' => "", 'entry_zone_id' => (int)0, 'entry_country_id' => (int)$country); if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') $entry['entry_gender'] = $gender; if (ACCOUNT_COMPANY == 'true') $entry['entry_company'] = $company; if (ACCOUNT_SUBURB == 'true') $entry['entry_suburb'] = $suburb; } else // -Country-State Selector Can anybody help me with this error? Thanks in advance. djms