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  1. There have been some contributions which alter the look of osCommerce. I don't recall what they are right now - maybe somebody else has a link. But, really, the images are pretty easy to replace with ones you've made yourself. You just need to find the file you want to change (a page inspector like Firebug helps a lot) and replace it with one that you've created.
  2. Installation went smoothly, and the contrib works like a charm. Highly recommended!
  3. I'm about to install On the Fly Auto Thumbnailer because it looks like the best of the image thumnailers out there. Give that one a try. (Note: your clients need the GD library installed in order for this and other server-based thumbnailing contribs to work. This is a compile-time option for PHP and should be included by any hosting provider worth its salt, but it never hurts to check.) (Note 2: the documentation for this contribution is truly exceptional. If the authors are out there and reading this, thanks for doing this right!)