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  1. Okay the PayPal module works fine now! Thank you very much! But the other problem is still there. Hope you can help me with that. Thanks!
  2. Okay about the first answer I will get to you back on a later time since it does require some time to install. The second answer you gave: Those two files are in the folder you supplied. And when I open ot_gv.php in Notepad I can see this: define('TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE', 'Enter Redeem Code '); So that means the variable is defined. But it doesn't show up during checkout.
  3. I got 2 questions. How do you get PayPal to work? Because I am getting lot's of errors like these: Warning: before_process(includes/modules/payment/paypal/classes/osC/osC.class.php): failed to open stream: And where you can enter your code for getting discount I see TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE instead of Enter Redeem Code. How can I fix that? Thank you very much!