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  1. gkersh

    Get 1 Free

    Will this contribution allow you to buy different products from the same category and get a free item as long as they buy the minimum number of items from the category? For instance if a customer buys 5 bags of smoothie mixes (no matter what flavor or type) from the same category, they get a free bag of coffee. Thanks, Greg http://www.charliebean.com
  2. gkersh

    Paypal getting the wrong value for shipping

    Go to the "Profile" tab then "shipping calculations". Under Miscellaneous at the bottom, click the: "Click here to allow transaction-based shipping values to override the profile shipping settings listed above" That should fix it. Greg
  3. gkersh

    Paypal getting the wrong value for shipping

    FTR, my old PayPal shopping cart account settings were overriding my osCommerce data.
  4. My cart is passing the wrong shipping total to paypal. If i checkout with $0.60 shipping charge, paypal gets $3.85. If I checkout with $4.79, paypal shows $7.85 and so on. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Here is the URL to the cart I am setting up: http://www.feltempreparatio.com/catalog/ Thanks, Greg (BTW, I also posted this on general support, but I thought this area would be more appropriate.)