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    QuickBooks QBXML Order Input error?

    Let's go from the end: 1) qbxml version broken - search for that exact error and you will find that you are not alone. I am not sure if they fixed it in latest release, but last release of QBXML was disaster 2) All tables used in the code should be defined. If you ran *.sql script that comes with the extension, it will be there. If something was screwed during the process, tables code complains about should be defined manually (that's to response to your private email about TABLE_ORDER_EXPORT_PRDOUCT_OPTION_MAP) 3) Shipping methods you map during admin mapping - it should be unique substring exactly as you see it in the order. Shipping mechanism (and naming conventions) in osC is disaster. For instance, you can define UPS:standard or Federal Express:Priority if this is what shows up on the order confirmation page. Shimon
  2. All issues should be fixed by now. I've uploaded a new version v3.1a ('a' simply fixed install.txt) This is what we are running for last two years and it should be good to go. Let me know (shimon.pozin@gmail.com) if you have any issues with this version and thank you for reporting your findings. Shimon
  3. That's problem with your account. Ask eShipper support to check your account configuration. Shimon
  4. It is integrated with Admin. Export to eShipper actually means generating labels from Admin and returning results into nicely formatted table back to Admin. you are not leaving Admin of osCommerce to generate and print labels, custom invoices or tracking numbers. However, if you left that table, there is no way to generate it again (at least I do not re-create it, so it's simple task) Shimon (shimonp@yahoo.com)
  5. Believe it or not, I had two days of vacation, hence delay with answer (I do not compete with computer in speed of answer) Yes, you do need account with eShipper (but only one, no API account is needed anymore) as comparing to individual account for each type of service (e.g. Fedex, UPS, Canada Post, DHL etc.) you would need otherwise. Shimon
  6. There are two options here, which I never mentioned patiently waiting for somebody to come to this point :) 1) For relatively large (or medium) shipment volume, such as 10-20 parcels a day it actually could make sense to open a fulfilling account with Canada Worldwide. This is what we eventually did (having gone through packing at basement, renting warehouse etc.) Their rates are very competitive and if you ever charge a customer with shipping/handling fee around $5-7, this is what it will be (with only difference the shipping/handling will go to CWW rather than to your pocket) They handle returns for us, too, because we do accept returns within 15 days! 2) For small shipments (and occasionally we do so too), just like you describe, print the label, attach to box and drop at nearest carrier location. By now I know nearest Canada Post office, UPS, Fedex Ground/Priority (to my surprise those are different companies), Purolator and UPS. Though, with time passing by I became too lazy and for UPS/Fedex/Purolator I schedule pickup online (you need to open your own account with each one of them just to schedule pickups) to pick parcels from garage/front door (depends on my mood) Each label contains unique account of eShipper, so if you call them you don't need to open your own account, but can use account of eShipper to call pickup service. The only service that does not like to be called for pickup is Canada Post (they may come once or twice, but then will start bullying you and beg your money. Even if you have account with them, they still don't like pickups unless you have regular pickup schedule you can setup with them, e.g. every day or Mon/Wed/Fri - we had it too in the past) Shimon
  7. Check error_log of your webserver. It should uncover what you are missing over there. If you have access to debugging, try to set breakpoint in tep_cfg_select_multioption (or add echo's there) If function is not called, you will have to go up the stack to see why it's not called when you click submit button in configuration. Should not be too hard, since the path from submit to the database is pretty straightforward. Shimon
  8. Check that you have set function in general.php. I believe it's a new one and should be copied from my general.php (it came with Canada Post contribution?) Shimon
  9. You are looking at the right place, but you did not run eshipper.sql located at the top of contribution. It won't work without it. Open eShipper.sql in the text editor to see what configuration values are there. Shimon
  10. 1) In Admin web page of your store there is a infobox "Configuration". Data comes over there from database directly, so when you run SQL script, the data appears there automagically. There are no special instructions to install it. The configuration is just there (and yes, you should configure it even though defaults should be good enough to start with) 2) This is from configuration of the shipping module _after_ install. Go in Admin page modules/shipping/eShipper and configure all parameters, including username/password for live mode, origin address, available shipping methods etc. For the error below there are two explanations - no allowed shipping methods were selected in configuration or there is no available shipping method to that destination (the easiest way to figure out the last fact is to run same query through the web interface of eShipper or take a look at the log file where all available quotes are returned. Check which methods are available for the destination and select though in configuration of eShipper module) Shimon
  11. Then it's time to call eShipper directly. I do not create credentials and I do use same IP numbers for test and live production server, which means your account either not activated or screwed. Shimon
  12. You realize that in both cases you have provided test username and password, don't you? That's why it is unable to authenticate you. Test account does not work for whatever reason. Use the real one and connect with real username and password. Shimon
  13. eShipper.log please. You can send it directly to myself (shimonp@yahoo.com) or post here (just remove password part) You can also contact eShipper directly - they are huge and have their own software department. Shimon
  14. You don't need a separate set of credentials if you read the latest message in the contribution. From now on, the web account is also API account. Shimon
  15. From now on, please contat me directly at shimonp@yahoo.com. There is no need to insult other forum members :) Which "regular" version did you install? Some people reported it is not compatible with RC1 of osCommerce (we are using MS2 and patiently waiting for last 3 years for the thing to be released. osCommerce project seems to be like "neverland") If you are using RC1, I might not be able to help much. Otherwise, the install should be easy and straightforward. RMA is an amazing simple (non-destructive!) contribution that allows for the customers to fill RMA form (return manufacturer (or materials?) authorization) If you ever wondered how to ask customers politely to return stuff back to you, that's the way to go. Before the install please make sure you store is working as expected to avoid blaming this contribution for existing problems. Then, add contribution (new stuff only!) and report to me any missing stuff/error messages as you update existing files (e.g. general.php) I strongly suggest confirm with me every step before you implement it. Will make your life much easier. Shimon <shimonp@yahoo.com>