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  1. Ive found a fix for the SEO information urls -i-2.html problem Partly right was the fix from someone in this topic, however languageS_id was also wrong. http://www.yoja.nl/kb/index.php/Oscommerce...-c-1.html_fixes Greets
  2. Yes I am, please contact me by PM or mail. (I tried to PM you but your box is full)
  3. Okay, made a bugrecord of it: http://svn.oscommerce.com/jira/browse/OSC-67
  4. I just saw a small database inconsistency, even in the new ms3 sql: http://svn.oscommerce.com/fisheye/browse/o.../oscommerce.sql In the table countries: countries_name varchar(64) NOT NULL, But in the table orders: customers_country varchar(32) NOT NULL, delivery_country varchar(32) NOT NULL, billing_country varchar(32) NOT NULL, So normally you don't have a problem, except e.g. United States Minor outlying Island, if you try to match it back to the countries table it will not find a match. I tried to submit this as a bug report but due to spam bots the functionality on the site was disabled. Easy to change and prevents nasty symptons later on ;-)
  5. Hi, I've looked in the contributions but i can't find a contribution which stores all the searches the users do. (nice for tracking) Is there a contribution that can do this? Or should I program one myself?
  6. Hi, I can't get the paypal ipn to work. If i make a payment, the status it returns is always INVALID The order gets entered in to the paypal_txn table in the databse. Paypal connects to my paypal_notify, i reply with this: (fields changed for privacy reasons) POST /cgi-bin/webscr HTTP/1.0 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length: 774 cmd=_notify-validate&payment_date=04%3A51%3A03+Feb+27%2C+2003+PST&txn_type=web_accept&last_name=last_name&payment_gross=&item_name=My%5C%27s+Shop&mc_currency=EUR&payment_type=instant&business=my%40e-mail.com&address_street=Mystreet+44-34&verify_sign=asignstring&payer_status=intl_verified&payer_email=paypal%40email.nl&tax=0.00&txn_id =some_id&address_status=unconfirmed&first_name=Firstname&quantity=1&receiver_email=email%40shop.com&payer_id=id&address_city=Amsterdam&item_number=200302271349403&payment_status=Completed&address_state=Noord-Holla nd&mc_fee=0.37&payment_fee=&mc_gross=0.60&address_zip=1000+AJ&custom=&notify_version=1.4&address_country=Netherlands&address_name=Name But the reply from paypal is alwasy invalid. What can be wrong?
  7. Please check my contribution out for minimum order fee. This release checks in checkout_payment instead of shopping_cart if the amount is high enought. If you've not reached the amount you will be redirected to a new page which gives you a nice error message instead of the old ugly ;-) one. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,83
  8. What url does it give for the broken pic? (right click on it and ask for properties) Do you have an url?
  9. Great! I've been looking myself for such a contribution. Didn't know fireworks, only worked with photoshop but now i'm getting interested in the fireworks program. Can you post the firework file somerwhere?
  10. I'm looking for all the payment providers who support the EURO for their payments. I can't find any though..... I know bibit support EURO payments but there isn't a working module for bibit. PayPal doenst support EURO's yet for the "single item checkout" but does support euro for donations. 2CheckOut only support US$ Authorize.net, don't know... Is there a doc or a url which tells me which payment providers support the euro and which of them have already been connected with OsCommerce?
  11. yoja


    You've got to define FILENAME_HELPDESK_SUBMIT somewhere. Usually the application_top file is used for this.
  12. yoja

    Picture in-a-box system

    I don't have a working link yet, everything works local only :-( The system means that picture's are resiced so that they can fit in a box. If you've got a picture of 200 widht/100height and you've difined the picture to be of size 100 100, what the system wil do is the following: it will find that width is the biggest, calculate the ratio as being 0.5 and then multiply the picture sizes with it. The new widht wil become 100, and the height 50 the picture now fits in the 100x100 box and stil keeps its ratio!
  13. Hi, I've created a piece of code to have my articles being put in a box which i specify by giving the image's widht and height. The code checks takes the longes side and calculates the ratio according to it. If added this piece of code to the html_output tep_image() It only performs the action to the pictures starting with ar, cause my article pictures al start with ar. Maybee more people like it this way and the code can be part of the new version. if ( ($width) && ($height) ) { if ($image_size = @getimagesize($src)) { $height_full = $image_size[1]; $width_full = $image_size[0]; if ($height_full > $width_full) { $ratio = $height / $height_full; } else { $ratio = $width / $width_full; } // only apply this trick for the images of the articles if (substr ($src, 0, 9) == "images/ar") { $height = $height_full * $ratio; $width = $width_full * $ratio; } $image .= ' width="' . $width . '" height="' . $height . '"'; } }
  14. Is anyone working on it or is it available somewhere? If somebody is working on it maybee I can help, two kan do more than one!