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  1. keenanj

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    I got usps module for OCS2.2 working with postal service v4 API This took me 2 days of work. all you need to do is modify the catalog/includes/classes/_usps.php with this section of code function getPrice() { $str = '<RateV4Request USERID="' . $this->user . '">'; $str .= '<Revision/>'; $str .= '<Package ID="0">'; $str .= '<Service>' . $this->service . '</Service>'; $str .= '<ZipOrigination>' . $this->orig_zip . '</ZipOrigination>'; $str .= '<ZipDestination>' . $this->dest_zip . '</ZipDestination>'; $str .= '<Pounds>' . $this->pounds . '</Pounds>'; $str .= '<Ounces>' . $this->ounces . '</Ounces>'; $str .= '<Container/>'; $str .= '<Size>' . $this->size . '</Size>'; $str .= '<Machinable>' . $this->machinable . '</Machinable>'; $str .= '</Package>'; $str .= '</RateV4Request>'; $str = $this->server . '?API=RateV4&XML=' . urlencode($str); $fp = fopen($str, "r"); if (!$fp) { $body = 'Connection Failed'; } else { while(!feof($fp)){ $result = fgets($fp, 500); $body.=$result; } fclose($fp); } if (ereg("<Rate>", $body)) { $split = split("<Rate>", $body); $body = split("</Rate>", $split[1]); $price = $body[0]; return($price); } else { return($body); }
  2. keenanj

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    all i really need to do is modify _usps.php section for the new api function getPrice() { $str = '<RateRequest USERID="' . $this->user . '" PASSWORD="' . $this->pass . '">'; $str .= '<Package ID="0">'; $str .= '<Service>' . $this->service . '</Service>'; $str .= '<ZipOrigination>' . $this->orig_zip . '</ZipOrigination>'; $str .= '<ZipDestination>' . $this->dest_zip . '</ZipDestination>'; $str .= '<Pounds>' . $this->pounds . '</Pounds>'; $str .= '<Ounces>' . $this->ounces . '</Ounces>'; $str .= '<Container>' . $this->container . '</Container>'; $str .= '<Size>' . $this->size . '</Size>'; $str .= '<Machinable>' . $this->machinable . '</Machinable>'; $str .= '</Package>'; $str .= '</RateRequest>'; $str = $this->server . '?API=Rate&XML=' . urlencode($str);
  3. keenanj

    rate V4 changes to usps.php for osc2.2

    I i try to enable the module I get the following error in the admin Warning: call_user_func(tep_get_zone_class_title) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/content/k/e/e/keenanj/html/store/catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1229 and this one in the user interface Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: httpclient in /home/content/k/e/e/keenanj/html/store/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 303
  4. Is anyone working on modifying the usps.php to work with rate v4 on OCS 2.2? I tried the USPS methods contrib and its a no go. I just need basic usps shipping for priority and express and like many i have a highly modified v2.2 over 10 years of tweaks
  5. keenanj

    coupons have no effect

    I installed the latest version of coupon codes and my oscommerce is 2.2-cvs application_top is version 1.247 dated 2002/08/13 I have been runnibng it for 7 years and 9000 orders so we don't want to mess anything up. I used the auto install script but had to hand edit a few files i verified all the changes manual and automatic I have lots of custom code on checkout payment fo one thing I do not record the credit card info to the database it just gets posted directly to my processor.
  6. Hello, I installed this on a very old version from 2001 everything seems to work I can create a coupon in the admin and can enter the code in checkout payment. if I enter a invalid code no error messages display if i enter a valid code no discounts display con confirmation. all code changes are done and correct checked several times. sort order is set etc. any ideas?
  7. keenanj

    bluepay 2.0

    Does anyone have the bluepay module working with a bluepay 2.0 account? I am testing the bluepay module with BP 2.0 account. I am using 2.2 MS-2 I use a shared ssl cert and am getting the login page after the order submit. bp gets the transaction osc does not. Many people seemed to have the same issue has it been worked throught yet?