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  1. jocke4u

    Contribution Issue

    OK, what nice feature portion did I remove?? From my tests it's running just fine, and I have also removed the htmlArea and uses FCKEditor 2 RC2 instead. My changes is also made in the same style as in std OSC categories.php. I think it's much better to keep the OSC coding style. // Jocke
  2. jocke4u

    Contribution Issue

    I think it was solved and I have uploaded the file to: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2021
  3. jocke4u

    Contribution Issue

    I have a similar problem, inserting a image link <img width="60" height="60" src="/OSC_M2/images/account_personal.gif" alt=""/><br/> after save it's look like: <img width="60" height="60" src="\"/OSC_M2/images/account_personal.gif\"/" alt="\"\""/> I will look at it....
  4. If I want to check if the current user are using "purchase without account" and hide some information, what flag should I validate with? The things I wants to hide are the links "My Account", "Logout" and "My account information..." BR Joacim
  5. jocke4u

    Manage attributes

    Hi, I have understand that many people uses some contributes for having a better handling of product attributes. What contribs are you using/recommend?
  6. Hi, I am looking for two contributions and would like if you could recommend me what to use for: - Info Box controller (show/hide, set position of boxes,...) - Some sort of content management (add/remove/edit pages) A bit like "define mainpage" but be able add more pages, without coding. BR Jocke
  7. Hi, I think it would be useful to have voting/review system on the contributions section. It's a jungle to find the most useful ones. Anyway, to get a hint... Please post a ranked list 1 -10 (1=best) of the best/most useful contributions that you have used. BR Joacim
  8. Hi, I am looking for a contribution that acts like this: I give a promotion code to a group of people (let say a company). Every people in that company enter their code and gets an discount on the order. I have seen something like this at http://www.ewiz.com/shopcart.php. The Shop Administrator should be able to remove the code from the admin section. If there is a contribution, what is it called. A suggestion for osCommerce is to have some kind of rating and download counter of the contributions. It would make it easier to find the really good pieces. Best Regards Joacim