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  1. tryagain

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I get the error message when I try to import the .iff files into Quickbooks. The error message is from Quickbooks.
  2. tryagain

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Is there a way to tell what box the error message is refering to?? I keep getting box 8 or box 11 errors. Thanks P.S. I am an idiot anyway I had it working on my local host and updated the database with the online information and lost my settings.
  3. tryagain

    [Contribution] Mass Attributes v.01

    Works great if the attributes are in the daatabase already. Did not trying adding anything if they were not in the database yet. I am also looking into adding things like attribute sort order price. Thanks
  4. tryagain

    [Contribution] Mass Attributes v.01

    Where do you the file?
  5. I got an error in your SSL certificate and did not get the option to check out without an account. I just installed this today with no problems on my site.
  6. tryagain

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I scanned through the thread and did not see the answer to this. Is there a way to set the default settings to something like a 1 minute refresh and to show all the information. Currently it set none for both automatically. Thanks
  7. I installed this again and it works fine on my localhost but when I upload it the trouble begins. I can not access any product pages at all but the pages with no product seem to be fine. I get a page not found error. Thanks, Mike
  8. I went back through it several times but I would like to get it working.
  9. Hello, I installed this contribution last night and I have some questions about it so here it goes. 1. How can you tell if it is working? 2. After I installed it my secured pages quit working so I had to remove it. Any body else have this problem? 3. After I removed it I still get the SEO URL in the admin control panel and can't seem to get rid of it. Any Idea's? I liked this contribution and would like to get it working since I am learning how to improve my page ranking. I am new to the whole internet sales scene and there is a whole lot of info to try to absorb. Thanks, Mike