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  1. herbgeek

    Intergration Question

    Thank you so very much for your valuable input. It is deeply appreciated. May I ask, firstly, what GPL stands for? I have a terminal, and a Merchant Account. It is presently inactive, but I am obliged to use them till 11/05. Am understanding you properly, then, that authorize.net only does the processing of the order on my pre-existing merchant account? And they want 2.29 % for THIS??? I'll punch it in myself, if that's the case. Or do you actually have a merchant account with authorize.net, and you are paying that rate for their actually providing the funds? Sorry, but I"m still a little confused. Have patience, I"ll get it eventually! lol. Thanks!
  2. herbgeek

    Credit Card Processing

    Dear Sir, What do you think of authorize.net? And as for costco, (went there and it looked interesting), how would you have to integrate that for a user, and what sort of fees are involved in that?
  3. herbgeek

    Credit Card Processing

    Maybe this??? www.your-website-address.com/store/admin
  4. Dear List, Forgive my dullness, please, but I can't seem to find the modules/add-ons that I've heard are available for os2 on this site by the thousands. Where would they be, please? Thanks! Charles
  5. herbgeek

    Intergration Question

    I am setting up my buisness... again... (long story), and am looking at buying some accounting software that will hopefully integrate with my shopping cart, and my payment gateway. This is not proving to be easy. I need to have accounting software that will import from SQL, (even if it has to be via excel), so that I don't have to change pricing in several different places. But it would save an immense amount of time if the order could be automatically entered into the accounting software as an invoice, and as paid. Quick Books seems to have this sort of integration, (click here for example), but my mind is spinning trying to figure out an all in one solution, that will incorporate the gateway into this process. If I'm going to have to build this thing from the ground up, I might as well attempt to do so as streamlined as possible. From reading many of the posts in this discussion forum, it seems that authorize.net is the best... that is what I will try first, but I am likewise unclear about if I need a regular merchant account as well as authorize.net, and if both of them are charging a % that could get way too expensive. Surely authorize.net does it all for its 2.29 % or whatever they charge, right? Or is that JUST for their online processing? I reckon I'd just do it myself if that were the case. I mean if I do an order for 500.00 and it takes me 2 minutes, then that is well worth the 12.00 I'd have to pay to authorize.net just to process it on my merchant account. Surely by the "virtual terminal" phrase they mean that they take care of all of this, right? My sincere aplogies for being so scatterbrained, but its too much reading, and not enough doing ... yet. ;)
  6. herbgeek

    which payment gateway shall I choose

    Would that be chargetoday.com ??? They are the only one's on the authorize.net reseller list that was referenced: ChargeToday.com 800.836.4295 Merchant Account Team
  7. herbgeek

    which payment gateway shall I choose

    I'm just curious.... which one did you end up using, and which you were ultimately satisfied with? My Webpage... IN THE MAKING