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  1. Hey all. How about implementing an internal linking thingie to the tinyMCE editor. So U could link to for instance products directly. Problem is I have no idea how to browse the database and retrieve a link from it. Any ideas?
  2. magnusj

    Reversed display

    Is there really no one but me who has the need for "related articles" added to the product info page? Say it isn?t so...
  3. magnusj

    Showing all featured products

    Well, it?s been a looong while since I added this topic but still no help .-( I?ll give it another go. Any friendly php-wizards out there? Could U lend a hand please? Magnus J
  4. magnusj

    Reversed display

    Oh yeaf... sorry. The contrib I?m talking about is ofcourse Article Manager V1.4.
  5. magnusj

    Reversed display

    Hi, I really like this contrib, although I miss one important thing. Is there ANY way to kind of reverse the code in modules/articles_xsell.php (and maybe name that file articles_xsell_reverse) and then include it on the product_info.php page? So when displaying a product the related articles show up at the end of product_info.php. Exactly like dispalying the related products on article_info.php, only... well, reversed :-) Grateful for any and all answers/help! Magnus J
  6. magnusj

    Showing all featured products

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please share...
  7. Hi. I really need some help, and fast... The problem is that the "new products box" and the contrib "Featured Products" is showing products from ALL categories. They should only show products from the respective category. Right? For instance... I go to Admin and set two products as "featured". (Prod 1 and Prod 2). "Prod 1" is in category "Cat 1" and "Prod 2" is in category "Cat 2 " Now... When going to Catalog/index.php both featured products are showing. Good. But when going to category "Cat 1" both featured products are showing there too? Only the featured "Prod 1" should be showing. How can I fix this so that only the featured products in the CHOSEN category is shown. Anyone?