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  1. henk3001

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Try another version without extra field. HEnk
  2. henk3001


    Uhm, how do you chan it to product model . Thx HEnk
  3. henk3001

    SUPPORT : XML Export contribution

    I like the import ideas to :) HEnk
  4. henk3001

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hello, Does anyone use it with FCKosc2.21 editor, when the .htaccess is on the FCKosc2.21 contri doesnt work it shows the cookie page. Maybee a change in the htaccess file helps me ???? HELP :) THx HEnk
  5. henk3001

    Big Space at top of Newsletter

    change the admin/mail.php, admin/classes/email.php, admin/newsletters.php for newer ones above 1.6 version. 1.7 is the newest one When you a change rename the old ones so when it goes wrong you can always turn it back. Henk
  6. Hi, When i send a mail with html on there is a big space in the retrieving mail, is there a sollution for. I figure it out it's only when you insert a table. Thx Henk
  7. Sorry it works :D the $near_limit is 20
  8. Hi nice contrib, but how can you make this work "just spend x dollars more to get the gift"! Henk