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  1. oh boy, after making the changes, and tried login to my admin, whole page goes blank.. tried to view source, but its empty. Note that this isnt the same as others as they were able to login and see menus but adding a new product gives them blank screen. I know I did properly, using examdiff to compare to add the codes to existing files..
  2. lala~

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I have added add-weight-to-product-attributes v0.2 earlier on. Now I want to add this Attribute Set contribution. Does it caused a clash if I just add on the code? So if I add the codes now, would this contribution work with add-weight-to-product-attributes v0.2 ?? Sry, I'm just a begineer in php and stuff but I'm hanging in there with good step by step guides. I'm in an Art business, will be selling printed arts thru Oscommerce with capability of choosing a Frame ID thru the drop down options. Different frames have different weights and price.. I'm wondering why this contribution isnt added to Oscommerce by default, guess the default isnt meant for 10 or more items else it would be a nightmare over at the attribute section !!