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  1. David - I had exactly the same problem which I've just solved. In my case, the code in admin/categories.php that adds the duplicate product to the database was repeated (the original code was there, followed by more or less the same code for the Header Tags mod that is also installed). Just check that you have no duplicate code. Hope that helps, Ali.
  2. No, that still wouldn't work - if the threshold was set to $29.99 then the problem would be the same ... Having spent $29.98 the customer would be told they need to spend $0.01 If they spent $29.99 they would be shown the add to cart button which wouldn't work until they'd spent $30. Thanks for the potential solution, but it just shifts the problem ;) Ali.
  3. Hi, I've installed the lastest version plus fixes of Dangling Carrot and it's all working great apart from one small thing ... If the threshold is set to $30 and I add a product to my cart costing $29.99 then all is OK, it tells me that I need to spend an extra $0.01 as it should do. If I add a product that costs more than $30 then again, all is OK - an add to cart button appears and the item is added to the cart if the user chooses to. BUT ... if an item costing exactly $30 is added, the add to cart button appears, but clicking on it doesn't add anything to the cart. Anyone else got the same problem? Thanks, Ali