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  1. Customer has asked to change his vendor details, which is pretty straight forward, however within the payment module there is a password field labelled - Password to use with the Protx Form service and then the contents are filled with the details. im assuming relating to that vendors account. ive spent lots of wwasted time trying to go through the sagepay site looking for how to generate a new password but cant see where this is, can anyone advise thanks
  2. ctn

    Error Message on successful payment

    thanks for that all sorted :D
  3. Hi all when a customer goes through the checkout page, they get the following error message can anyone advise how to fix this thanks
  4. Hi all have an issue that i need help on regards to shipping module. i need to be able to calculate shipping based on weight, postcode and qty. In the main 90% of our products weigh minimal weight however have large items that can be added to the basket cost a lot more to despatch via courier and depends on the uk delivery postcode. so basically what i am after is anyone out there using an adapted shipping module that allows them to calculate the shipping cost based on the weight of the total basket and uk postocde. i.e weight of total basket = 100kg and postcode is AB1 (aberdeen) the cost to ship = 150 i.e weight of total basket = 100kg and postcode is S1 (sheffield) the cost to ship = 70 if so can you advise how to fix this problem thanks
  5. have been using easypopulate for a while with no problems however whilst updating products from active to inactive or to deleted this function within the file doesnt seem to be working using ep 2.76g is this a know issue do i need to upgrade to a later version if so which one thanks
  6. has anyone encountered this error Error 4006 - The TxType requested is not supported on this account. if so how did you fix it? many thanks
  7. ctn

    OS commerce compatiable merchant accounts in the UK?

    there are many different options to choose from but what your customer will need is - an internet merchant ID through his bank or other merchant service provider - a payment gateway to process the credit/debit card payments For payment processing i would recommend protx (protx.com), it integrates well with oscommerce, and their rates are pretty reasonable. the customer will have charges for the ID set up which his bank inform him of and then he will have a charge per transaction, which will also depend on volume of sales, on top of this he will have a monthly charge from protx. I know that paypal have an offering of website payments pro, which will do all of the above but you would have to investigate this further. hope this helps
  8. that is only for uploading, and i have manaed to upload 2000 lines at a time, it is the donload the file so i can make some new changes that i need
  9. I have installed the easypopulate contribution 2.76 and working great, however when i want to download a file to edit it starts the process then just displays a page cannot find server error. My product file is over 18000 products and the file in total trying to download is about 6meg, does anyone have any ideas of how i can get this file to download without timing out? Thanks
  10. hello i get the following error when trying to upload an EP file Easy Populate 2.76c-MS2 - Default Language : English(1) File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpjs7d4g User filename: EP2006Nov23-2311.txt Size: 20474 | ASRS16L | CATEGORY_5 | Left Hand | Left hand | | | | | | | | 212.93 | 0 | | 0000-00-00 | 1 | | Workstatio | Radial Des | | Taxable Go | Active | 269 Updated | ERG-H-57AF | erg57.jpg | Ergonomic | Automatic | | | | | | | | 470.47 | 1 | | 0000-00-00 | 1 | Ergotech | Seating | Ergonmic S | | Taxable Go | Active | 672.1 !New Product! 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 INSERT INTO products ( products_image, products_model, products_msrp, products_price, products_status, products_last_modified, products_date_added, products_date_available, products_tax_class_id, products_weight, products_quantity, manufacturers_id) VALUES ( 'erg57.jpg', 'ERG-H-57AF', '439.6916', '1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, "0000-00-00 00:00:00", NULL, '1', '1', '1', '672.1' '10') [TEP STOP] Any ideas of what this means?
  11. Hi All i get the following error message after installing all prod v4.4 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare clean_html_comments() (previously declared in /home/holsta/public_html/includes/functions/clean_html_comments.php:13) in /home/holsta/public_html/includes/functions/clean_html_comments.php on line 13 on line 13 of my clean_html_comments is the following function clean_html_comments($clean_html) { also in part of the instructions it states you will need to modify the code if using HTC prior to 4.3.9. What are those amends? I am using STSwith HTC259 is it compatible any advice on how o fix the problem would be grateful thanks
  12. jack have realised the problem. The sitemap only looks for php files, but if you use STS system it changes the extensions to .html instead of .php is it possible to get dynamic sitemap to look at html files as well as php?
  13. I have just installed this module and everything looks ok until you click on the sitemap link but nothing appears. It loads the page up but no content No error messages appear and i can see all the detail in the admin section i am using the STS template system, not sure if this has any effect on this contribution any advice on how to recitfy would be appreciated Thanks
  14. has anyone got a sitemap working with STS if so please advise which contribution you have used many thanks
  15. i have set up my wesbite to offer free shipping with all orders over 50.00, however if someone orders a total basket of 43.25 (ex VAT) and the VAT element is 7.57 the total amount of the order is 50.82 and they get free shipping. i would like my free shipping option to only kick in only if they order above 50.00 excluding VAT. I could set the amount to 58.75 but this looks a strange amount, is there a workaround a or hack anyone has done in order to get this type of option working? if so please advise