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  1. teleute

    iDEAL integration?

    Has anyone used this module? I can't seem to find a single thread on it anywhere... Anyway, I installed it as per instructions, and it doesn't work at all. There's a strange blank drop down on the payment module page that says "please select issuer", and when I move forward anyway, it goes through all the steps but comes up with a blank page at checkout_process.php. Thank you!
  2. teleute

    Freecount never default?

    I'm using freecount, shipping rates by region, and a modified shipping rates by region that allows them to select rush shipping. For some reason, freecount is never the default highlighted shipping option. All other combinations of rates are defaulting correctly (i.e. the cheapest one being selected), but if freecount is in there, it's never selected as the cheapest. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  3. teleute

    Manual Order Maker

    So does this contribution not link into the existing payment methods, then? If I have a cc processor set up, when I'm creating an order with this contrib will I get the option for it to link to the cc processor to do the payment? Or would I have to go separately and manually process the card?
  4. I have Discount Coupon Codes installed. Is there any way in this or any other coupon module to have a code give multiple types of discount? i.e. 20% off one specific product, and 10% off all other products? I'm pretty sure I know how to hack the code to hard code it in, but I thought I'd check and see if there's an existing way of doing it first. Thanks!
  5. Any chance that someone who speaks German could do an updated language pack for this contrib? The German pack up on the contrib page is many versions old, and missing a number of definitions. Thanks in advance, anyone who takes this on! :-)
  6. teleute

    Looking for one page checkout

    Have you been able to get it to work well with PWA? Cause I'd say that's the biggest problem. Does anyone force account creation any more? I've got some weird amalgam of PWA and Alternative Checkout, but it's really rough, and not yet handling a few things correctly (and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out why).
  7. teleute

    Looking for one page checkout

    Also, I've seen references to Alternative Purchase working with PWA, but no one that actually seems to have gotten it working and active. Anyone? It's still going to have an extra page (the confirmation), but...
  8. teleute

    Looking for one page checkout

    That was one of the two I looked at - sorry, I slightly misnamed it above. It looks like it still goes to the confirmation page after the checkout page though, doesn't it? So it's a two page? Also, it doesn't seem to be working with PWA when I put it on my test shop. Still searching for a resolution on that...
  9. I'm looking for a one page and one page only checkout. The two contributions I found (Fast Easy Checkout, and Checkout Alternative) still seem to involve multiple pages. The flow I'm looking for is this: add item to cart, review cart. When you click "Checkout" from the cart, it takes you to one page, where you put in all info, and then clicking submit on that submits the order. Does this exist anywhere? Thanks!
  10. I just downloaded the newest version and was getting the error "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive." I looked at the main module code (/inc/mods/payment/authorizenet_aim.php) and at line 301, there's an if/else statement that determines whether you're in test or live mode and sets the URL. However, it looks like they're reversed - it says if test then url = secure, else url = test. I flipped them to what seems more intuitive, and it now works perfectly.
  11. teleute

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    I'm also looking for a "global" option like talked about above (US is X, Canada is Y, every other country is Z), without having to list each individual country. I don't see the new version that supposedly has this, though...the most recent version in the contributions section is quite a while back. Anyone know where I can find this? Thanks!
  12. I've used an older version of PWA before (the one with the separate Order_info page), and recently tried to do a project with the newest version, which I noticed now just uses a "guest" parameter in create_account. This seems fine, except for one thing - the customer_id seems to be manually set to 0. So when people change their shipping address and it gets entered in the address_book table, they're all being entered as customer_id 0. This means that someone who went to change their address was seeing entries from 5 other people on the change address screen. Obviously, not ideal! Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've tried solving it by getting what the customer_id should be (getting auto_increment from the customer table, and then updating it and upping auto_increment...I also tried just doing the customer_table insert), and both of those methods seem to clobber the session and break everything. Any advice people have would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. teleute

    purchase without account issue

    I tried it, and there wasn't an address there when I looked. Maybe it's just your browser storing it?
  14. teleute

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi Jan; Thanks! I'll give it a try. Just thought I'd check and make sure no one had done this, to keep from reinventing the wheel.
  15. teleute

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hola! I got the contrib installed, and working in a basic form. However, one major hurdle remains. I want to use the dimensional shipping. However, not only do our products change weight by attribute (which I think can be solved by adding a contrib about weight with attributes, although it'll be interesting to see how that combines with all the other attribute mods I have), but also size. (We sell pictures, which might be as-is, or matted, or framed, and come in different sizes). Has anyone tried to do this? Basically, we have three different boxes we've been told by UPS to use, depending on the size of the print, the framing, etc... Thank you!