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  2. bibliopolis

    EZier New Fields

    hello. i am trying show retail_price at admin/invoice.php an i haven't managed. i have tryed to pull it from the products table as i do with other fields. and drom the orders table as normal proce does. any ideas? the perfect would be to show retail, list, & special price. Thanks in advace
  3. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /web/1/000/012/429/1897/htdocs/****************/includes/TMS/TabMenuSection.php on line 6 some problem on a 2.2 installation. thanks in advance
  4. bibliopolis

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Hi vey nice contribution look o how they use the functionality . http://www.perizitito.gr/product.php?produ...49368&page= they have multiple authors per book but the url per author is like that: http://www.perizitito.gr/authors.php?authorid=65797 http://www.perizitito.gr/authors.php?authorid=58442 and by clicking on an author when taken to the authors page you see all the entries even those that he is the second or third author . Again thanks everyone involved in this contribution
  5. bibliopolis

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Hi . Do you know how to add a telephone field ? i tried to copy and alter the code that sends the name of the customer but it didint work. anybody has done it? thanks
  6. bibliopolis

    Customer Updates - Order Comments

    I have installed the latest version with the security fix. all is working well but the customer does not see the comment that he left. only the new status with no comments. in the admin side i can see the comment normally . . is that the normal contribution behavior ? thank you
  7. bibliopolis

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    my problem is that if you add a product attribute#1 to the cart and then go buck and add the some product with attribute#2 in cart the cart shows two times product attribute#1 otherwise very nice
  8. hi . i have successfully installed this amazing/handy/fantastik contribution and the products list nicely under their manufacturer. i also list extra fields per products as author and isbn. from the products table what i try to do is to display the manufacturer_url from the manufacturers_info table but i cant make the join of the tables at admin/includes/order.php i have tried to improvise by looking at the manufacturers_info box from the catalog side but i cant understand it *********************************this is the place that the join has to happen :-) $orders_products_query = tep_db_query("select op.orders_products_id, op.products_id, op.products_name,products_person, products_isbn, op.products_model, op.products_price, op.products_tax, op.products_quantity, op.final_price, p.manufacturers_id,m.manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS . " op left join " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p on p.products_id = op.products_id left join " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " m on m.manufacturers_id = p.manufacturers_id where op.orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "' order by p.manufacturers_id"); ************************************************************************ while ($orders_products = tep_db_fetch_array($orders_products_query)) { $this->products[$index] = array('qty' => $orders_products['products_quantity'], 'products_person' => $orders_products['products_person'], 'products_isbn' => $orders_products['products_isbn'], 'name' => $orders_products['products_name'], 'products_id' => $orders_products['products_id'], 'model' => $orders_products['products_model'], 'tax' => $orders_products['products_tax'], 'price' => $orders_products['products_price'], 'id' => $orders_products['products_id'], 'final_price' => $orders_products['final_price'], 'manufacturers_id' => $orders_products['manufacturers_id'], 'manufacturers_name' => $orders_products['manufacturers_name']); regards from greece george
  9. bibliopolis

    nice idea

    0 - select count(p.products_id) as nbr, m.manufacturers_id, m.manufacturers_name from products p join specials s using (products_id) join manufacturers m using(manufacturers_id) where p.products_status = '1' and s.status = '1' group by manufacturers_name having nbr > 5 order by nbr DESC that shows up in my left column when i add the include for the box . nice idea this box.
  10. bibliopolis

    Official thread for Great Categories

    the question is ,can somebody meke the css effect to aply in the separate colors for great categories?
  11. bibliopolis

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    the manufacturers box didnt respond to the new look at all. is there a way to do it? the some for the category box ( i use great categories contribution ) thanks in advance
  12. bibliopolis

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. i would like to add the changes that the "2.1 css" version brought to the great categories at the contribution named Great categories with different colors by infobroker thank u for your reply
  13. bibliopolis

    Official thread for Great Categories

    hi. this is truly a great contibution. i was wondering if there is a way to apply the ccs changes to the Great categories with different colors. anyone done it allready? thanks in advanced
  14. bibliopolis

    Easy Populate

    some problem over here. paying money for a solution $$$ thanks in advanced