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    Group / Category Specials

    I know this is an old thread, but did anybody work this out? ie. what is the SQL query for sub-categories? thanks Jen
  2. I have just upgraded from 1.33 to 1.34 because I thought it would get it to show the referring URLs and a few extra bits, but now it is much worse! I don't have flags, I only have one session displaying (ie. if another person comes along it just makes that the one session), nothing at all happens when I click on "veiw session", and I am missing lots of other bits. Here is a screenshot: and here is Greg's screenshot of what it should look like from a few pages back on this thread: Does anyone here know what is happening? Not sure what other info you need, so please ask. thanks Jen
  3. The Shipping Module I have set up for Australia uses State names though, not Post (Zip) Codes. Is there any way around it? I would love to get this working for my setup. thanks Jen
  4. ps. changing the Post (Zip) Code has no effect. What is it's use? Jen
  5. I have a problem with this mod - it would be a fantastic one to have except that in my case it has a problem. My store is located in Australia and for Australian addresses I use the State Based Shipping mod. Therefore, the default shipping (which is based on Store Location) uses the info for Australia. But, because it is State Based and the only option is Country then it says that there is no Shipping available for Australia, because Australia as a country has no shipping assigned to it in the Shipping Modules, but each individual state within Australia does. I hope this makes sense! I need it to be able to: a. load the default info based on the STATE my store is in and b. offer other options for other states in Australia As it is it looks terrible because the default says that there are no shipping options available at all, when obviously there are. People from Australia can't get an Estimate at all. If you choose another country from the dropdown box and Recalculate it shows the correct shipping, because they are not using the State Based Shipping, but use International Zones which are defined by Country code. ps. Try it at www.redinstead.com.au - add something to the Cart (not a live store) thanks Jen
  6. They definitely need a search function! The only problem with this list is that it is not sorted alphabetically so it is almost as hard to find anything. Any chance of sorting it? Jen
  7. I did it with a lot of help from this forum: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php?t=40584 If you can do something to make your All Categories look and work as well then it will be even better. :) I don't like the idea of a hidden link (and from what I hear neither do Google etc) so I would be lots more interested if it could have a purpose for real live people too. What change exactly is there in the new code you have posted there? Mine is working fine so I might just leave it. (?) Jen
  8. Not sure how useful this one will be (gonna check around more) but I have installed it. Apart from the FILENAME_DEFAULT change above, I had to change this: echo " <a href="" . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'name=' .str_replace("/", "/", rawurlencode($this_categories_name)). "/" . "cPath/" . $categories_id . $this_categories_id . (($this_language_code == DEFAULT_LANGUAGE) ? '' : ('&language=' . $this_language_code)), 'NONSSL', false) . "">" . $this_categories_name . "</a>n"; to this: echo " <a href="" . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'name=' .str_replace("/", "/", rawurlencode($this_categories_name)). "&" . "cPath=" . $categories_id . $this_categories_id . (($this_language_code == DEFAULT_LANGUAGE) ? '' : ('&language=' . $this_language_code)), 'NONSSL', false) . "">" . $this_categories_name . "</a>n"; to get it to find the page correctly. All Prods can be customised so that (even though it is for Search Engines) it can still look nice and be useful to real people. Like mine is here: www.redinstead.com.au/allprods.php It would be good to do the same for this one. eg. Many of my sub-categories are the same but with different top categories and so they look as they are doubled up in the list but they are different things. Any chance of somehow combining the two, so that the products listed in allprods come under their correct category/subcategory places? Unfortunately I don't have the php coding skills! You can see the All Categories here: www.redinstead.com.au/allcategories.php Jen
  9. Yes someone is using your contribution! It is a quiet achiever... :) Perfect! Thanks. About the images, I have been waiting to get photos of the products and they just came about 1/2 hour ago so I will have photos of everything soon. But thanks for the code suggestions anyhow - it will help someone else I'm sure. thanks again Jen
  10. By the way, here is the download URL: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ns,1062/page,14 Just remembered a question I had about this mod. Some of my products have long names and I find that if this mod pulls some of them up to display, then it throws the alignment out a little. ie. The three columns are no longer equally spaced. Is there any way to force the columns to be say 33% width, and have the longer text wrap? Jen
  11. I have got the ThumbAds in the center of my page. It was very easy to install. I added a Header Image (in the same way you do for InfoBoxes) and called it "Our Featured Products" so that I don't have to keep specifying Featured Products in Admin. see it here: www.redinstead.com.au Jen
  12. I am using the Newsletter Email Capture mod http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,408/page,8 and wondering how I can get it to send a Welcome Email to people who sign up, as well as a copy to the Store Owner so you know when people are signing up. thanks Jen
  13. I think there is a COD shipping mod. Check the Contributions section. Jen
  14. Hope you are feeling better now Steve. I wondered what was up. Jen
  15. Just checking... I didn't mean that the login.php page was blank, but that once you go from there and choose Purchase Without Account and fill in the details etc, THEN you get a blank page at Order_Info_Process.php Is that what you did? thanks Jen