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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I have the following set up in my module. Transaction Mode - P Production Transaction Type - Auth Enable Billing information - True Enable Delivery information - True My problem is that it goes to HSBC's site and transaction is taken then diverted back to the website. Even though it does all that, the sale is not recorded in Admin or under customers account. Anyone experience something similler or can suggest what the problem might be. Thanks in advance.
  2. cdamianou

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi Is their anyone that is willing to take on a paid installation to get HSBC setup on my site? It was working ok until HSBC changed or upgraded something to their systems. Since then duplicate payments were being taken, cards declined etc. So basically not working as it should be. I am happy to pay someone to get this working ok on my store. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  3. cdamianou

    HSBC secure-epayment module

  4. cdamianou

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Is there anyone that thinks he can isntall hsbc on a creloaded website succesfully? Please PM me.
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    Hi can someone help me please. The points and rewards module was working fine for me. I’m using version 1.5. However now for some reason I cannot figure out, it is not displaying the customers with pending points in Admin. It says (Displaying 1 to 20 (of 33 orders)) and has the dropdown box as though their is 2 pages of info but no customers are being displayed. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks in advance.
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    Google Analytics module

    Hiya Guys I was wondering if someone can help me. I have just noticed that Google Analytics doesn’t report the same sales totals as oscommerce. For example Google analytics may have £5000 1000 orders with 2000 items but in reality this was £5500 1050 orders with 2100 items. I cant figure out why its showing this discrepancy as it seems to be working fine. It looks like some paypal transactions might be the problem. Any ideas?
  7. cdamianou

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi Alex For some reason my downloads have postage added to them. Im not sure how to fix this problem.
  8. cdamianou

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Excellent idea for a contribution as the previous download contribution wasnt good enough. Any chance of upgrading this to not charge postage on downloads? Thats the only problem im experiencing in selling downloads. Thanks in advance.
  9. So what does this contribution do exactly. I still dont understand it. sorry if i sound dumb, but i can assure you i dont think i am.
  10. Excellent. this mod is installed and works perfectly. However I do have a couple of questions. Firstly I didn’t realize you had to duplicate a product if you wanted to still have that product in your shop as a full price item. Secondly in latest version it states the following: - Added configurable text in place of price on product info page for carrots. e.g. "Free with a $50 purchase" or "Only $9.99 with a $30 purchase" I cant see nay configurable text in the product info page, just a button that says - Product is carrot, with a tick box. Am i missing something here?
  11. Does this contribution have the ability to add keewords/ metatags for each product. sorry if this question sounds silly.
  12. Has anyone installed this on a heavily moded site? Their doesn’t seem to be many people replying to peoples help questions, so was just wondering if its worth installing at this stage. Knowing me, i will probably encounter some form of problem as i do not fully understand the install instructions.
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    A few problems with this contribution for me. Over Christmas I had a few people purchase Gift Vouchers. Only then did I realize their had problems with this contribution for me. When the customer emailed the Gift Vouchers to someone, that person was unable to redeem them. It is basically impossible. Secondly, if a customer has a gift voucher amount and bonus points, the customer cannot pay via credit cards or any other payment method. Thirdly, whenever I click on the report button for discount coupons, nothing happens. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? Thanks in advance.
  14. cdamianou

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks Terra Mysql was indeed upgrade. The Mysql version is 5, MySQL was updated with the latest cPanel release of cPanel 11
  15. cdamianou

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Can anyone help with my previous post?
  16. cdamianou

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hiya Guys I was wondering if someone can help me here. I have paypal ipn installed as one of my payment method. ?everything was working fine, orders paid via paypal and customers returning back to site this orders being recorded. A couple of days ago my host upgraded their Mysql so a few modifications had to be made on the site. Now no one that pays via paypal doesn’t come back to the store and their orders are not recorded. Can anyone help in sorting this out. I have no idea as to what part of the contribution is at fault and how to fix it. Much appreciated Costas
  17. cdamianou

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    When people pay via paypal it works fine, as iut should. However today someone paid via paypal but it was a Pending eCheque Payment. I received a paypal notice but no order from the store. It is not showing an order for this custiomer under Customer Orders in admin. When i log inot this customers account, it shows the product as his last purchase. Can anyone shed some light on this? Its much appreciated.
  18. cdamianou

    Inventory Report v1.0 beta

    Hi I am stuck with step 5. This has got me confused. Sorry for not understanding. 5. Update the file "admin/categories.php" with fields for products_reorder and products_reorder_to. Insert the following after the PRODUCT_QUANTITY line in the new_product section: <tr> <td nowrap><font face="<? echo TEXT_FONT_FACE; ?>" size="<? echo TEXT_FONT_SIZE; ?>" color="<? echo TEXT_FONT_COLOR; ?>"> <? echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_REORDER; ?> </font></td> <td nowrap><font face="<? echo TEXT_FONT_FACE; ?>" size="<? echo TEXT_FONT_SIZE; ?>" color="<? echo TEXT_FONT_COLOR; ?>"> <input type="text" name="products_reorder" value="<? echo @$pInfo->reorder; ?>"> </font></td> </tr> <tr> <td nowrap><font face="<? echo TEXT_FONT_FACE; ?>" size="<? echo TEXT_FONT_SIZE; ?>" color="<? echo TEXT_FONT_COLOR; ?>"> <? echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_REORDER_TO; ?> </font></td> <td nowrap><font face="<? echo TEXT_FONT_FACE; ?>" size="<? echo TEXT_FONT_SIZE; ?>" color="<? echo TEXT_FONT_COLOR; ?>"> <input type="text" name="products_reorder_to" value="<? echo @$pInfo->reorder_to; ?>"> </font></td> </tr> Change the sql statements to support the two new fields. OR: just add the fields products_reorder, products_reorder_to, to each of these queries. At the action == insert_product section: if (tep_db_query("insert into products (products_name, products_description, products_quantity, products_reorder, products_reorder_to, products_model, products_image, products_url, products_price, products_date_added, products_weight, products_status, products_tax_class_id) values ('" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_name'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_description'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_quantity'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_reorder'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_reorder_to'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_model'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_image'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_url'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_price'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_date_added'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_weight'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_status'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_tax_class_id'] . "')")) { At the action == update_product: tep_db_query("update products set products_name = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_name'] . "', products_description = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_description'] . "', products_quantity = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_quantity'] . "', products_reorder = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_reorder'] . "', products_reorder_to = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_reorder_to'] . "', products_model = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_model'] . "', products_image = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_image'] . "', products_url = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_url'] . "', products_price = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_price'] . "', products_weight = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_weight'] . "', products_tax_class_id = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_tax_class_id'] . "', products_status = '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_status'] . "' where products_id = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID'] . "'"); At the action == new_product: $product_query = tep_db_query("select products_name, products_description, products_quantity, products_reorder, products_reorder_to, products_model, products_image, products_url, products_price, products_weight, products_date_added, products_status, products_tax_class_id, manufacturers_id from products where products_id = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID'] . "'"); At the else part of action == new_product_preview: $product_query = tep_db_query("select p.products_name, p.products_description, p.products_quantity, p.products_reorder, p.products_reorder_to, p.products_model, p.products_image, p.products_url, p.products_price, p.products_weight, p.products_date_added, p.products_status, p.manufacturers_id, m.manufacturers_name, m.manufacturers_image from products p, manufacturers m where p.products_id = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID'] . "' and p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id"); AFTER: $products_count = 0; // $rows = 0; // this shouldnt be reset ADD LINES: $products_query = tep_db_query("select p.products_id, p.products_name, p.products_quantity, p.products_reorder, p.products_reorder_to, p.products_image, p.products_price, p.products_date_added, p.products_status from products p, products_to_categories p2c where p.products_id = p2c.products_id and p2c.categories_id = '" . $current_category_id . "' order by products_name"); Any suggestions?
  19. Has anyone managed to solve the problem of downloads being charged postage? My cart is setup up so all orders in the UK have free postage, and postage is added to all foreign orders. If someone in the Uk purchases a download, fantastic. But if someone outside the UK purchases a download, postage is added. Does someone know the solution to this? Thanks
  20. Anyone got a website we can see this in action? Thanks
  21. cdamianou


    Has anyone got the two images that should be next to View my Points Balance and Points received and Points and Redemptions FAQ. when you click on my Account to look at your points balance? At the moment I am getting the Image not available image. Thanks
  22. cdamianou


    Hiya I have installed the UK VAT SUMMERY report contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,uk+vat+summary It doesn?t seem to want to work for me. Unfortunately the install files were of no help explaining how this works etc, and I am confused as to why it doesn?t work. The report is supposed to give you Total VAT transacted between a specified period, and also total for the UK and Europe separately. I also don?t believe that all the European countries have been added. Has anyone managed to get this to work? This seems to be the ideal contribution for all Bussy UK stores taht are VAT registered. Thanks in advance.
  23. I tried splitting a large file via easy populate adming. It whent through the process, no message came up sayng if it was completed or not and no files are in the temp folder on the server. does anyone know what might be causing this?
  24. cdamianou

    Tax not added to shipping?

    Hi For some reason tax is not added to shipping, can anyone help?