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  1. For anyone who has successfully set up payment processing through EFSNet's Payment Services, did you find this process easy to do? Did you have to go through a "certification" process before they would give you access to their "live" servers? I signed up for an account with their "testing servers" and as of a couple of days ago, my programmer friend was finally able to get test transactions to work. He and I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to get osCommerce to talk to their Test servers. Their online docs say NOTHING about osCommerce or even how to use a PHP-based solution with their services. I submitted the "test transaction" document back to EFSNet yesterday and now they are telling me that "there are some mandatory First Data compliance requirements that must be completed before certification to EFSNet can be completed". I'm assuming that this has something to do with the "Verified by Visa" documentation that I saw on their site but didn't realize was mandatory. EFSNet's tech support could give me no insight into what this was all about and instead, referred me to a document that refers to "New mandatory compliance requirements for Third Party POS Software vendor products certified or planning to certify to any First Data Merchant Services platforms including FDMS? CARDnet? (North), Nashville, South, Omaha, Concord and Paypoint." The document also referred to a company called "Ambiron-Trustwave -- a Visa approved security assessor who performs this required assessment". I spoke with someone at that company who told me that they normally approve POS software... and NOT John Q. Public's online web store. So, my plea to EFSNet "peeps"... any idea what to do at this point? Thank you, Loren