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  1. You are using oscommerce 2.3.4 correct? Make sure you go to Admin>Modules>Shipping and remove any modules there. Than make sure the vendor has Shipping Module per vendor by going to vendor manage
  2. what does log say?
  3. the error log is usually when you first enter ftp in public_html
  4. UPS module may need to be updated. I will take a look when I get a chance. However, I am working on the new version of oscommerce at the moment.
  5. I am replacing filename definitions and removing filenames.php. However, I noticed FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS_INFO has no files with that reference. Was this something that was added for future or?
  6. @@pinkequine the gift voucher must start with GIFT i know that so lets say you want to do a $25 voucher you would do GIFT_25 or something like that. I will look into it as I havent tested that function yet. The coupon function is fixed for paypal, etc. However, I think front end needs work still as newburns I think is working on that. Like a button of some sort. I think maybe though we can create a shopping cart box that shows amount, etc than apply coupon to that.
  7. Fixed for bootstrap version; added paypal standard to it as well. Not sure if gift vouchers is working. I havent tested that yet
  8. I agree with Multi-Shop ready but I doubt it will be in core more like a paid feature add on. It would be nice to be in the core like MVS.
  9. got you thanks
  10. Query has always troubles me, lol. I was wondering if I Am correct that database tables will be hard coded something like this: old way tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET . " (customers_id, products_id, customers_basket_quantity, customers_basket_date_added) values ('" . (int)$customer_id . "', '" . tep_db_input($products_id); new way tep_db_query("INSERT INTO :customers_basket (customers_id, products_id, customers_basket_quantity, customers_basket_date_added) VALUE ('" . (int)$customer_id . "', '" . tep_db_input($products_id);
  11. @@burt sorry to bother you but I was wondering how is osCommerce dealing with the layout of database tables? I know that file is being deleted for example: $actions_query_raw = "select * from " . TABLE_ACTION_RECORDER . (!empty($filter) ? " where " . implode(" and ", $filter) : "") . " order by date_added desc"; tep_db_query("select identifier from " . TABLE_ACTION_RECORDER . " where id = '" . (int)$actions['id'] . "'"); also with filenames.php that file is being deleted so I am doing it like this: tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_COUNTRIES)); to tep_redirect(tep_href_link('countries.php'));
  12. @@pinkequine Hmm I am having the same problem can you clarify what you have done please? However, that shouldn't be a fix to be honest but I like to see what you did though.
  13. The coupon is working except for paypal. Paypal never clears the coupon and I am trying to figure out why.
  14. Thanks for that oops I never made a copy I just forked it and making changes to my master so I guess not doing correctly. I was wondering how I make a copy of a fork? I forked gburton's and make a couple changes to my master and made a pull request for those changes. I guess not doing correctly