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  1. I am having a strange problem. When I create a coupon with a .1 in the percentage discount field, it corectly shows in the admin as 10%, but in checkout_confirmation.pgp the discount ends up being way off. For example, a cart total of 1610.99 is discounted $511.99, which is about 32%.


    A flat discout of $1.23 end up being a discount of $1.62 for the same cart as above and shows in the admin as being a discount of 24.6%.


    I'm using Discount Coupon Codes 2.1 with MySQL 4.0 and PHP 5


    Any ideas?


  2. as stated many times in this thread, there is no support for download attributes in v2.76x.



    Yes, that's right. This contrib does not support file download names right out of the box. This is true of many of the things that people are trying to with the contrib and are asking about in this thread. I know that because I read the the thread. A reply stating that you don't know the answer to my question is not going to be helpful.




    My questions is this: has anyone found a way to incorporate the filenames for downloadable products into their store?



  3. Your attributes are not downloading by default with that setup? That is very odd. Check to make sure the setting at the top of the easypopulate.php file (something about attributes) is set to true. With that it *should* be setup to work attributes. Do you have all the standard table names?



    I have changed no table names. Just to lcarify, my attributes load fine. The problem that I have is that I need also need to upload an attribute for a download zip file for a few hundered different download products (digital photograpgy backgrounds). I have seen that others have tried to do this, but have not seen any solutions.



  4. You've got a template, and for some reason template makers seem to like putting things in places they don't belong. However, that's not really your problem. It's looks like your real problem is that you uploaded admin/includes/boxes/categories.php to catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php. That file should be in the admin directory. You'll need to restore categories.php from a backup and re-upload admin/includes/boxes/categories.php to the correct directory.


    There does not seem to be a admin/includes/boxes/categories.php in either this contribution or in the scCommerce full download. The categories box shows up just fine in the store. I don't beleive that there is a categories box in the admin.


    I'm not sure how you knew that I have a template, but that is correct. Could that have something to do with this problem? If so, how can I go about fixing it.



  5. I've looked through this thread and have not found a similar problem listed. I followed all 3 steps in the install directions by simply copying the files to the appropriate places. I keep getting the following error in checkout_payment.php where the <--body_text--> ought to show up:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in /home/content/j/e/f/jefmwols/html/catalog/includes/header.php:121) in /home/content/j/e/f/jefmwols/html/catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 13


    Any ideas?



    Jeff Wolski