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  1. Even though its 5 months old here, your question does have a fairly simple answer. I didn't even know what oscommerce was 5 months ago. Anyway, you can use a find and replace utility in almost any text editor. Of course this is accomplished on the tab delimited file once you export it from the database. For example, open the .txt file with bbedit or some similar program. dreamweaver also has a find and replace. search for the character, type in the character that you want to replace it with, hit the "all" button. and it will replace all instances with the new character. save the text file and continue with easy populate. booyashaka
  2. humara

    attribute sorter and copier v5.1

    I didn't realize this was only for releases prior to 2.2ms1 when i installed. I followed all of the instructions very carefully and guess what??? it works! well, most of it does i guess. i coudn't figure out how to copy attribs from a product to a whole category. but other than that it seems to be working. anything i should look out for in the meantime? the quick pop ups are a nice addtion but you can only locate product by product number. which is a little tough to keep track of. also, there is a link in the top of the admin that says: "Click to change Display Order: model" and when i click on it, it goes to: "http://www.blahblahblah.com/admin/configuration.php?gID=1 which isn't really anything except the config page. and then the same link comes back up. what is that supposed to do? thanks brian
  3. Elari's customer status is not compatible with 2.2ms1. but this contrib says elari's customer status is built in. What does that mean exactly? Quote: >Elari's Customer Status Built-In Thanks for any info. brian
  4. humara

    Customers Status V3.x

    I HAVE GIVEN UP. 4 COMPLETE INSTALL ATTEMPTS AND NEVER COULD GET IT TO WORK. Thanks go out to elari for attempting to sort me out. sadly it wasn't the solution. I've seen several code errors that seem to be in the contribution itself. in addition to several errors i may have made??? Does anyone actually have this working? is anyone willing to help me get this to work? what would the price of this assistance be? I have never been this frustrated. Anybody interested in helping me out? please email info and price. thanks brian www.lemonchicken.com/catalog/default.php as of right now, the store works but no discount shows up for any customers. everyone sees full price. the admin does not change the status of the variable to see price. i was able to change it with myadmin directly in the database. i may try this other contrib instead. it seems to be fairly well documented, which would make the install much easier. anybody use this instead? Customer specific discount percentage This module is based on Ian C. Wilson's Member's discount class. (Thanks Ian). A simple drop-in module to allow you as admin to specify a different discount percentage for each of your customers. The module can be switched on and off globally via the admin section, and if switched on, only customers with a discount percentage over 0, thus allowing you to switch it on or off per customer. The only manual change that is necessary is adding a single field to the customers table.
  5. humara

    Customers Status V3.x

    elari I have a default customer status. it is set for 0% discount and to be able to see prices. All of my customer status are set to see prices. but nobody can. people logged in or people not logged in. my question is does the status need to be named "guest status) or just set for guest status. and how do you do that? also, what is the xmembers file? it keeps giving me an error in the admin section. is that another contrib? or is it part of the customer status? thanks for you help. i am still willing to pay you to help me :)
  6. humara

    Customers Status V3.x

    i've tried to install the customers status module 3 times now. i've completely started over 3 times. 3 days solid of work. i am not smart enough to do this i guess??? no matter what status the customer is, it wont display the price. always says "can't see price" or whatever it says. i also get a fatal errors in the ot_xmembers.php in the admin. isn't this file supposed to work? considering i dont think i messed it up. i'm sure i messed many things up. please email me or i guess post here. i am willing to pay you for your time. i give up. this is the hardest contrib to install. but the clients love it!!
  7. humara


    Sorry, what i meant was... The background box has a formula to match the number of categories since its dhtml. the default is $height.= 2.65*count($categories); which makes the box way to small even with only 1 category. so i changed the multiplier to 15 or so, which looks good when there are about 6 categories. if there is 12 categories it then becomes too small. but if i format it to look good for 12 then it looks bad when there are only 6 categories. does anyone have a more accurate way of calculating this? i've tried $height.= 80+(12.5*count($categories)); carying the first fixed number as well as the multiplier. any help in fine tuning this would be appreciated.
  8. humara


    Does anyone know why this is happening? www.lemonchicken.com/catalog/default.php thanks