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  1. I am looking for a way to add two free items to every 5 items y bought. And this in a repeated way like also at the same time 1 item a added for every 3 items b bought by the same customer. Am i clear enough? Hope so , if not let me know please and i will make some life examples. Hugo http://savons-de-provence.com
  2. I have a very important problem with shipping cost calculation. All goes well in normal sales situations. However when I add a discount coupon the free shipping is calculated over the reduced shopping cart. Example: free shipping is at 45€ discount coupon is at 20% shopping cart of 45€ is reduced to 36€ but free shipping is STILL aplied.. Conclusion all orders between 45€ and 54€ are wrongly shipped free of charge. I need the shipping to be calculated over the REAL order price! What can I do to correct this annoying error?? Thanx in advance!! shipping calculated by World Zone rates Free Shipping for Orders Over OSC CREloaded version v6.2 B2B[12.1 (SP1)
  3. hugoboss

    no metatags in index page

    sorry i forgot to put the link to the shop .. http://www.savons-de-provence.com/catalog/...php?language=en
  4. My metatags contrib is installed and workin. I cannot find the reaso why the index page is not picking up the meta tags correctly .. very annoying! http://savons-de-provence.com Please advice
  5. hugoboss

    link manager very sloooow

    Thank you for trying Jack. It is not the first time, remeber I had the pb before.. I have 2 categories , the link to the path=2 works normally. Hugo
  6. Hello, I have a problem with th link manager: The following page takes very long to load http://www.porteveil.com/catalog/links.php?lPath=1 What can be the reason?? TIA Hugo
  7. No nothing was deleted, the links_to_link_categories id is 1.
  8. Hello, I have been using the link manager for some time no. Jack helped me setup the link from my index page directly to the ONLY category I whish to use in linking (category = 1) However the link does not work anymore, the page will not load wityh path = 1 : http://www.porteveil.com/catalog/links.php?lPath=1 http://www.porteveil.com/catalog/links.php?lPath=2 with the path = 2 no problem... What can be wrong? TIA
  9. I noticed that installing metatags generated html links for the existing header category tabs. Is there a way to get them to work together?
  10. hugoboss

    OSC release

    Thank you Jack. What do mean with the most recent version? 2.2.1e?
  11. hugoboss

    OSC release

    before installing: Ultimate SEO URL I need to know which version of OSC is installed. How do i find out which version is installed and which adaptations of Ultimate SEO URL i have to make??? TIA
  12. That brings me to my homepage. The pagename generated is: http://www.porteveil.com/catalog/links.php?lPath=1 but I cannot reach this page without going through the link page.
  13. Ok I understand but how do i code the link to go to the dynamic url links.phph path=1? define('FILENAME_LINKS', 'links.php?lPath=1'); does not work .. what do I need to change here? Thanks for the help.
  14. I understand I must link to links.php?lPath=1 How do I code this in the define box: define('FILENAME_LINKS', 'links.php?lPath=1'); will not work. Thank you for helping Jack, superbe contrib!
  15. I have on shop with zone module installed which works as it should. (www.porteveil.com) On a second shop I have installed the zone module as well but with strange results. www.savons-de-provence.com/catalog My shipping calculation is as follows for the shipping zone 3 (US as example): Shipping by price 30:13.00,50:17.00,70:21.00,90:25.00,200:0.00 1 article : 6 euros in the caddy -> 52 euros shipping costs 2 articles : 12 euros in the caddy -> 91 euros shipping costs 3 articles : 18 euros in the caddy -> 130 euros shipping costs 4 articles : 24 euros in the caddy -> 182 euros shipping costs 50articles : 300 euros in the caddy -> 300 euros shipping costs = correct! What is happening here? TIA