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    Ned Nelson
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    uk & sing
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    "ned nelson: the dj, the artist, the designer"<br /><br />im into, art and design, music, pcs, website, si-fi fan. And love techy stuff.<br /><br />for work i am a profesional dj and work also in new media in the day. I am building a shop so i can sell music online.<br /><br />If you have any tunes you want me to listen to, and give feedback let me know... Thanks for all your help and if i can help u back i will.<br />p.s i am dyslexic so sorry about the typos :(
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    hi i have installed it but it messes up at the finally stage the site is http://noisestopsystems.com/buy_soundproofing/ pluss i dont know how to do the first bit 1.) SQL statements needed just copy and paste these into your SQL query window and hit 'Go': ALTER TABLE `orders` ADD `cvvnumber` VARCHAR(4) default NULL AFTER `cc_expires`; ***If you have not altered your Configuration Table in the database: INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ( 185, 'CVV2 Number', 'CVVNUMBER_MIN_LENGTH', 3, 'Minimum Length of CVV2 Number', 2, 17, '2004-01-08 10:30:00', '2004-01-08 10:30:00', NULL , NULL ); ***If you have made some alterations to the Configuration Table you will need to change the '185' and '17' to represent the next configuration_id and sort_order(group 2) for your particular database. INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ( 186, 'CVV Max Length', 'CVVNUMBER_MAX_LENGTH', 4, 'Maximum Length of CVV Number', 3, 19, '2004-01-08 10:31:00', '2004-01-08 10:31:00', NULL , NULL ); ***As in the previous entry the '186' and '19' might be different if you have already modified your configuration table. The '4' is the value for maximum length of the CVV number which is needed for American Express cards (the 3 in the query is the group_id so don't change). If you just plan on accepting Visa/MC/Discover you can change this to '3' in the query or the number can also be changed in your admin tool->configuration->maximum values 2.) Either replace your files with the complete files provided or do the modifications included with each filename.txt 3.) Upload new file popup_cvv.php 4.) Upload all image files found throughout both directories. can anyone help?
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    do u mean the title tag?
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    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    hi all i carnt seam to get mine to work at the mo, im unsure if i have done 2 bits correct. this the last bit function tep_reset_cache_block($cache_block) { global $cache_blocks; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($cache_blocks); $i<$n; $i++) { if ($cache_blocks[$i]['code'] == $cache_block) { if ($cache_blocks[$i]['multiple']) { if ($dir = @opendir(DIR_FS_CACHE)) { while ($cache_file = readdir($dir)) { $cached_file = $cache_blocks[$i]['file']; $languages = tep_get_languages(); for ($j=0, $k=sizeof($languages); $j<$k; $j++) { $cached_file_unlink = ereg_replace('-language', '-' . $languages[$j]['directory'], $cached_file); if (ereg('^' . $cached_file_unlink, $cache_file)) { @unlink(DIR_FS_CACHE . 'url.cache');<<<<<<thats where i put the file is that correct my site runs with no errors but there is no change#? http://www.ntcstudios.co.uk/e-style-shoppi...talog/index.php any help would be great, thanks