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    "Define Mainpage" module! help needed

    Ok, I did it but then after I use Define MainPage option in the Catalog area it takes it back out :blink: I can just edit it via the tools area though :-"
  2. I have added the mod ("Define Mainpage" module! ) ( define_mainpage_v1.3.3_MS2 ), but everytime I make a change via the cntrl pannel I get Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/includes/languages/english/define_mainpage.php on line 28 $mainpage_title = "We've just installed the "Define Mainpage" module!"; Thanks yes I am PHP impared :-"
  3. xtremecruiser

    "Define Mainpage" module! help needed

    Bizarre If I use tools to edit define_mainpage.php I have the slashes $mainpage_title = "We've just installed the \"NEWS\" module!"; If I use catalog "Define MainPage" I have none $mainpage_title = "We've just installed the "NEWS" module!"; I will give it a try, Thanks :thumbsup: