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  1. Is the contribution available for download working, it seems there has been alot of fixes since the latest release. Can I just download it and install it, or will I have to debug it with all the fixes in this thread. Is there going to be a more current version available? And will this work with Authorize net to process walkin credit card purchases, or will I have to run the card itself manually? Thanks for any help, Doug
  2. Is anyone using this, I would like to know more about it, it looks like it might be what I am looking for, but I can't find any info in the forums about it. I am wanting to process live walkin orders, with same Os commerse as my web page, just want them ran the same and put in completed orders when I confirm them, I would be nice to process them from a admin side...???? Doug
  3. Main Miner

    Anyone know of a Live Cash Register Admin

    Does anyone know if the "Live Sales" P.O.S. contribution would work to do this, I am not sure what it does, and would like to know more about it before I install it??? Doug
  4. Main Miner

    Anyone know of a Live Cash Register Admin

    thanks for your reply, it seems like there would be more people wanting something like this. Just wanting a quick search of some kind and a seperate completed orders, in the admin. A person could also incorperate the bar code scanning contrib and make it very valuable to store owners. Doug
  5. Anyone know of a contribution that I can use to place cash/credit card orders from like an admin side that would pull off of my datebase, and log them for reports and such. Basically a Cash register of types that I can use in my Retail store to make person to person sales. Thanks for any help. Doug
  6. Main Miner

    Automated Auction Process

    After adding this mod, I am not getting on all my new customers, my cart is adding @_ in front of their name and in front of their email address, so it is not sending emails, and my customers are not able to log back into their account. Any help would greatly be appreciated Doug
  7. by the way I am wanting to pull from two seperate db's one from the OsCommerce, and the second is a Invision Power Board forums, just like this one. Doug
  8. HI, can anyone let me know if there is a contribution or if anyone know of a name of a free javascript or simular script that I can run on my html home page and make it pull text from the database and display it real time on the html page. I would also like to do the same for a who's online in my forums, and maybe newest post. I have seen this befor on other pages like here: Overgrow.Com Can anyone tell me what the type of script or a name of a script that can do this for me, they are using java script to do this on the page I just put up. Any help would greatly be appreciated... Thanks, Doug
  9. Main Miner

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Is anyone esle having problems recieving the emial address when updating your ebay auctions. This contribution seems to be working fine after install, except for it does not retreive the winners email address. It gets all the other info from ebay but this info, anyone know how to fix this or is this how it was designed, and I need to add the email manually... Doug
  10. Main Miner

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Yes, it works good, but the emails are not updated, it seems to add the last one you manually gets added to all of them :( . Also I am having trouble with the invioce button, when in the active auctions screen, it is linking to a page not found, did I do something wrong, or is everyone getting this. Doug
  11. Main Miner

    Has any one made an auction Contribution

    I would really like to see that come out, I have been in search of a good open source project like Oscommerce but in the auction type software, and I can't seem to find anything close, I am wanting a auction type program that is clean and neat like osCommerce with full functions like Authorize.net payment modules and such. I wouldn't even mind paying for it, but I really like the idea of it being open source with allot of people colaborating together, instead of someone trying to sell you something that can not be modified or add to. I hope Ed in the later reply get some helpers to make it happen, I would really like to see it come about. I would gladdly help, but I am a beginner to php and I can only modify others code here and there at this point. I am sure there is quite a few more people in here that would love to see this contribution also. Doug
  12. I would like to have the abliity to process orders from the administration side, like pull up a customer, that calls on the phone and run a order that will show up and process through the cart. Would be nice if I could go through the cart logged in as the user,, anyone know of any contribution that would let me do this??? All I would need would be access to the users password, correct? Doug
  13. I finally got the this working but I want it to set orders processed this way to the order status "processing" instead of pending,, there is no option in this contribution to change it or none on my adminstration. Anyone know what I would need to change the default setting?? Doug
  14. I have the printable catalog installed on my cart, and I have about 300+ items, I have it listed to print 10 items per page, but it only gets about 5 if I want to have any description at all??? I am very disapointed with how it works also, I though a shopper could click on printable catalog and then print and it would just print it out, not the case... you have to click on each link at the bottom and print each one mannually, with 300+ products this make this totally unusable. Also it prints the banners, so it takes up more room with the footer than with items themselves, is there a way to get it to remove the banner and only print the logo, and company info on the first page. Is there any other contributions that would do the same thing but fram out the items, with discription so you can put 15 items or more on a page, not in listed format but in like 3 across, and 5 down format,,, any suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Doug
  15. Main Miner

    I am a newbie, but this works.

    Oops, I mean you have to change the link in the catalog/shipping.php : FROM TO require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_CONTACT_INFO); and save it as contact_info.php in catalog/ and you have to go into your /languages/english/shipping.php , open it and modify there all your text, and then save it as contact_info.php, in that directory Doug