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  1. fluff

    movie details warnings

    I forgot to mention, thanks David for creating this great bit of code, a great addition for movie sites.
  2. fluff

    movie details warnings

    I also had to make the same sort of modifications later on in admin/categories.php to resolve more warnings.. Around line 860 (unmodified OSC install): Replace the following line; if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']) && empty($HTTP_POST_VARS) && in_array($movie_languages['movies_info_value_id'], $movie_infos)){ with if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']) && empty($HTTP_POST_VARS) && (is_array($movie_infos)) && in_array($movie_languages['movies_info_value_id'], $movie_infos)){ This mod (checking to make sure $movie_infos is an array) also needs to be done to the rest of the lines which build the check boxes for Subtitles, Type, Audio Format, Picture format and others.
  3. fluff

    movie details warnings

    You may also want to modify /admin/catalog.php lines above to something like.. if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']) && empty($HTTP_POST_VARS)) { if (count($director_array) > 0){ for ($i=0, $j=count($director_array); $i<$j; $i++){ if (is_array($people_ids) && (in_array($director_array[$i]['id'], $people_ids))){ $director_id = $director_array[$i]['id']; } } } } if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']) && empty($HTTP_POST_VARS)) { if (count($actor_array) > 0){ for ($i=0, $j=count($actor_array); $i<$j; $i++){ if (is_array($people_ids) && (in_array($actor_array[$i]['id'], $people_ids))){ $actor_id[] = $actor_array[$i]['id']; } } } } The fix you provided in the above post does not resolve the warnings for me. I added the check (is_array($people_ids) to make sure $people_ids is an array as this "empty" array was the cause of the warning message. This way you may also not require the if (count($actor_arrary) > ) line... as these arrays will always return at least a count of 1 due to the lines of code a few lines above.. $director_array = array(array('id' => '0', 'text' => TEXT_CHOOSE)); $actor_array = array(array('id' => '0', 'text' => TEXT_CHOOSE)); Hope this helps.
  4. fluff

    movie details warnings

    Thanks, that did the trick, you may want to also add the following to the install instructions to add to catclog/includes/languages/english.php define('TEXT_REG_COD', 'REGION CODES: '); Thanks Francois.
  5. fluff

    movie details warnings

    Hi There I had the same problem with my site, but ticking one of the options for the movie details gets rid of all the warning messages. The issue I am having though, Is that the movie director is never appearing on the product info page. The movie_details.php module obviously returns valid data from the array, but the people_id value does not match the director people_id value. This may be caused by a fault in the /admin/catalog.php code somewhere> I am not sure, I have had a look but since my contrib is osc max, the code is quite different from a stock os commerce install. Are you able to point me in the right direction to try and fix this? Thanks
  6. Let me just take 1 second to congratulate you on creating a great contribution.... it makes life a lot easier. I have an issue when you update a product, only changing the category (the imported data was incorrectly categorised). Easy populate updated the database - the product table but did not delete the existing corresponding entry in the Products_to_categories table - therefore making the product appear in both categories...... (Since there was two listings of the same product id, each with different category ids) I started looking through all the listing in this forum, but couldn't find any mention of this issue, please excuse me if there is a resolution to it already, and kindly point me towards it. Thanks Francois.
  7. It's the procut_model field alright. I have just re-read the documentation after updating to easy populate V2.53 (just to check if a version update would fic the issue) and realised that my products_models filed in my database was set to the default length of 12. I checked my data that I was importing and all data in that field was longer than 12!!. I have changed my product_models field length to 20 and now Easy Populate is updating instead of adding new products. Thanks for your help, it pointed me in the right direction. :D Francois.
  8. Every time i import the data from the same data file, I do not change the products model field. But it still creates a new record. It never indicates "products updated".... always tells me "products added".
  9. No, there is not a product id field in my import data. The first field is "v_products_model". I created my import file after exporting a tab delimited file from easy populate..... there wasn't a product id feild in the exported file either.. Can you please let me know the import field format. The current file I am using has this format.. v_products_model |v_products_image | v_products_name_1 | v_products_description_1 | v_products_price | v_products_weight | v_date_avail | v_date_added | v_products_quantity | v_customer_price_1| v_customer_group_id_1 |v_customer_price_2 | v_customer_group_id_2 | v_manufacturers_name | v_categories_name_1 | v_categories_name_2 | v_categories_name_3 | v_categories_name_4 | v_categories_name_5 | v_categories_name_6 | v_categories_name_7 | v_tax_class_title | v_status | EOREOR As you can see, I have no product_id field............ Can you explain why there was none in the exported file??? Do i just need to add that field to my data to get it imported corectly?? - Thanks Francois.
  10. I am using easy populate. If I "easy popluate" using the same file more than once (without changing the file) it creates multiple entries for those products. Ie I have 4 entries for the same product after using easy populate 4 times. Is there something I am missing when using easy populate - should i be removing all products from database before using easy populate. I appreciate any comments/help.
  11. HI, I have just installed the customer computer mod... works great.. I would like to know if there is an easy way to get the category number of the corresponding catalog category.. ie. At the moment to get the catelog number, i go into my catalog shop and select the hardware category, then move the mouse over one of the categories (ie cdrom), looking at the link info at the bottom of my browser, i can see the category id for cdrom. I can't seem to find this catelog id listed anywhere in the admin module. Thanks