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  1. Hi guys, I know there are various threads with regards to checkout without an account....and maybe that is what is confusing me... What I would like to know is that is there some sort of contribution that allows a customer to checkout without an acccount? I know there is code that works with older snapshots which do not work with new checkout code. If I am not mistaken, in previous threads with regards to new checkout code the issue of checking out without an account was discussed and dropped due to confusion and complication in the code. Is there an official contribution from hdpl himself that allows customers to checkout without an account? Thanks for the replies in advanced.
  2. Credit Class GV v4.0

    Hi Guys, Been lurking in the forums and osC community in general...for a while now. We have a client for whom we had made an osC setup with Ian's great contributions for a very old snapshot...which has been working fine...no complaints what so ever. My question is to Ian....When do you think the new coupon code would be done so that it would work with the new checkout code? We are going to be updating the layout for that site and we are debating whether we should upgrade to the new osC code which includes the new checkout code....the only thing that is holding us back is the coupons. The client uses the coupons often so we dont want to get rid of it....but we also want to use the new checkout code....so as to any ideas when the new coupon code would be out so that we can play with it? Thanks for the reply in advance.... Keep the great work guys....osC is great but with its dedicated community it even kicks more ass!