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    Reviews on Product Info Page v1.0

    Is there any way to get this to work on the product_listing? thanks
  2. You are missing a } Try adding one before the ?> at the end of the file. Sam may know where to put it right.
  3. Wow this mod keeps growing and growing. Great work Sam. Just wondering if you considered adding the following: If the item has reviews, have average review stars display for the product and perhaps a number of reviews like: ***** (32 reviews) And perhaps if the item has free shipping have it display a free shipping notice? Just some ideas I am throwing around. :)
  4. Hello, This is a great mod and appears to be very popular so congrats to the creators and those assisting in the development. I have had this installed for some time now and just recently we added the manufacture filter. When the customer filters by manufacture the title displays Let's See What We Have Here and doesn't display the manufacture description. We have both the title and description set in the admin. When the customer is viewing category, it displays the title and description set no problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. thanks
  5. Hey David (marker), Just wondering what mod or modification you made to so that when the customer filters by manufacture it displays the manufacture title and description below? thanks edited..... darn just as I posted this I just thought that I should have private messaged you to keep this thread unique to the mod, sorry Sam.
  6. Sam, the border mod worked like a charm... thanks a bunch
  7. Hi Sam, Wow this mod is sure growing and receiving lots of attention. :) Great job! Quick question regarding the border going around the whole content. I removed border: 1px solid #cccccc; from: .infoBox { background: #ffffff; border: 1px solid #cccccc; } This removed the border but the only problem is that it removed the border from other places on my site which is needed. Are you able to help me change the code on the product_listing.php to use another css? thanks
  8. thank you. I actually tried adding the sku (model #) myself and it isn't working for myself as well.
  9. I added it to our site. I added a "MORE INFO" text to the right of the buy now button. If you need a hand with it let me know. I attached an image so you can see. Also in the image I have an arrow pointing to a border that I'd like to remove. Anyone know how to do this? Also I've noticed everything is shifting to the right. Anyone know how to fix this? I added a second image that shows when I have just 1 product in the category it gets pushed to the right. thanks for the hand.
  10. I'd like to get rid of the main border that goes around the content of the page (around all the products) which code do I need to modify? :) Also I am trying to change the look of the layout of the products but I am having a heck of a time, I attached an image of how I am trying to get the thumnail to view. Is any one for hire :) This is currently how our featured products display.
  11. Yep, this option is definitely missing, I'd try rerunning it to see what happens.
  12. Hey Kart, Was just at your site, very nice products you have there but can I recommend having the music stop after it is done the first round, it is a bit annoying hearing it keep replaying.... just a tip. :)
  13. So you don't see this option: Maximum Products per Page ? If not I'd re-run the setup file.
  14. You can adjust this in admin/configuration/product _listing
  15. I found a way to fix it, On line 197 it was: PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH so I changed it to SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH
  16. Hi Sam Thanks for the hand, when I change the product image from the "image" section it changes this way but the unfortunate part is it changes the size of the thumbnail on the product_info page. My best bet is probably to change it manually on the file. Could I bug you for the line this is on? thanks a bunch
  17. Yep ran the setup but to make sure I ran it again and got this message: Enhanced Product Listing Setup Enhanced Product Listing configuration appears to be set up already. Aborted Operation. I tried changing the setting again from the product listing end with no luck than tried adjusting the small_image_width etc... from the /config/image
  18. Hi Sam, This is a great mod you got here. I ran into a slight problem however, I am using the thumbnail setting, and when I go to view a category the thumbnail size settings are using the product image height and width from the settings in admin/configuration/images thus making the images very big. I tried changing the settings from admin/configuration/product listing but there is no affect. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, Is there a sample of this mod any where? I was hoping to do this: Product thumbnail Product Title SKU (model #) Price BUY NOW | MORE INFO And do that 3 or 4 accross. thanks
  20. navyhost

    Country-State Selector

    My apologies if this has been asked already. Love this mod but just wondering if I can do this: Prior to installing this mod, when the customer first entered the create account page the country drop down box looked like this: PLEASE SELECT United States Canada United Kingdom Australlia -------------------- Rest of the countries (it acutally listed the countries but of course I won't post them) Since adding this mod that top portion is gone except "Please select" and I wonder if there is a way to add them like the above to this mod? I never put the default country code on includes/language/english.php so the first parts shows "Please select" Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the great mod.
  21. navyhost

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    You the man! That did the trick. It backed up instantly. thanks! If you decide to update the mod instructions with this, I noticed a minor spelling error. When you go to admin/configuration/auto backup Auto Backup Interval Alter the automatic dBase backup interval in minites. Should be a u. thanks again and great mod!
  22. navyhost

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    Hi Sam, Thank you for the hand. To be honest I am not 100 % sure which version we are running, is there a prefered file I should look at to see the version I am using? I know it is milestone 2 +. The application_top was updated with if (tep_session_is_registered('admin')) require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES .'auto_backup_db.php'); I used the cpanel protected directory to log into the admin, this wouldn't cause a problem would it? My PHP version is 5.2.6
  23. navyhost

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    Hi guys, This is a great mod to have, I only wish I had it installed yesterday after a database issue and of course my latest back up was 3 days old. :) Any how I installed this mod today (Auto Backup Install V2.5) and it doesn't appear to be creating backups. I left the settings as is. I checked the admin to see if it created a new back up (it didn't) I than went into the FTP to see if it created a backup and it hasn't. I have been doing a bunch of work in the admin area. Could this be the problem? After running auto_backup_setup.php I deleted it, should I have? thanks for the assistance.
  24. I'd lik to be able to hide the "available options" to when there aren't any. If you figure it out I'd be really interested. I will pass it on if I find anything.
  25. Hey guys, 2checkout has introduced a new single page checkout process that can be integrated into 3rd party carts. For more details please visit there site: http://www.2checkout.com/community/blog/kn...kout-announced/