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  1. robburne

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Hi, I've installed the Featured Products contribution which appears to be working correctly until I try to add a product. After selecting the expiry date I get the following error: 1292 - Incorrect datetime value: '' for column 'expires_date' at row 1 insert into featured (products_id, featured_date_added, expires_date, status) values ('144', now(), '', '1') [TEP STOP] I can manually insert records to the 'featured' table via PHPAdmin but of course I would be easier and better to do it via the control panel. I am guessing I may have made a mistake in editing the files. Any sugstions would be appreciated with regards to where I should look to check. Many thanks in advance for a great contribution! Rob.
  2. ...oh yes I see now. I overlooked that. Thanks for your reply. Regards, Rob.
  3. Thanks for the reply and feedback. In the end I took another module (Airmail) which I modified for international shipping from Spain as it did not add the 2.20 to the final shipping amount. I'm not sure you addressed this matter in your reply - do you know why this amount is added to the final total and if it is possible to disable it. Many thanks in advance, Rob.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if this is an error or by design, but when I test the Royal Mail Overseas Registered option (rmintsig.php) a £2.20 total is automatically added to the total. I've checked my tare settings, adn further it does not happen for other shipping options. Also the notes say this is only for UK based stores. I managed to get this working for my store in Spain. I made some changes to make it recognise the UK as overseas and aside from the above problem it does work for me. Many thanks, Rob.
  5. robburne

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Many thnaks I will give what you have suggested a go. Rob.
  6. robburne

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I have installed the 2.2 Milestone version of the Paypal module and everything is working well and I am accepting payments successfully. However for customers who have paid I have multiple enteries in the transaction history. For example see the screen shot below: The customers has reported that he keeps receiving emails with an order invoice. How can I stop this and why is it hapenning, any help would very much be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  7. robburne

    Can't edit shipping module data

    The solution I found involves editing one of the php pages, it is a common problem and very simple to fix. Let me know if you need the link and I will dig it out and post it here. Thanks, Rob.
  8. robburne

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, Is it possible to add a Paypal logo under the text on the payment_checkout page. I want the logo under the text which offers Paypal as a payment option. I know it is simple to add the html but I just can't figure out where it should go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  9. robburne

    Paypal logo

  10. robburne

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hi and thanks for the reply. I tried renaming html_output-nothumb to.... html_output ....and it has done the trick, jpegs and gif working fine! Rob.
  11. robburne

    Basic Design Pack Support

    ..I have the same problem try renaming all of your images with a gif extension and all will return and work correctly. The question though is how to use BDP with JPEG rather than GIF's. When I try JPEGS I just see the banner on my page too. I am sure there is a simple answer to this? Thanks, Rob.
  12. robburne

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    The Paypal IPN seems to pass the name of my OSCOMMERCE shop as the item/Product purchased. Does anyone know how to edit this variable, I'd like to change it to something more generic cuch as "shop product". Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  13. robburne

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Hi, Is there a way to change the number of products listed in the "featured products list". By default it seems to be set at 9 (3 x3). I have changed the columns to 2 products per line and now I have 6 items listed so it seems it has been set to 3 rows. Is it possible to change this anywhere? Thnaks, Rob.
  14. Hi, I went to the post office today and posted a small packet to Austria: International Airmail small Packet 0.129 kg = £1.33 I can't see how this tallies up with the payment of this module. It would seem that it qualifies for the 2nd weight tarrif (Zone 1) : .2:1.69 I know the module is International signed for but I doubt it is only another 36p for a signature? Am I using out doubted prices or overlooking something? Similaraly a Small packet the USA (International Airmail Small Packet) 0.102 kg = £1.66 This would appear to fit the following tarrif for Zone 2 .2:2.48 Thanks in advance, Rob.
  15. robburne

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I have just installed the Paypal IPN and all works well, once payment is taken the user is taken back to the confirmation page of my site, stock is deducted. One issue though, the first stage in the order status list has a red cross next to it - Status: Preparing [PayPal IPN] The next step has a green tick next to it confirming payment has succesfully been taken. Any feedback would be apprecited. Many thanks, Rob.