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  1. sabre

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    I'm also looking for a way to only print certain categories of products instead of the whole store. I searched this thread but found not answers. Anybody know how to do this?? Thanks!
  2. My install works fine EXCEPT... the field lables don't show up in the shopping cart, admin pages, ect... and the field sort order seems entirely random. They show up in a different order every time. I've read through and tried everything I could find about Option Type Feature, checked all my files again, but no luck. I'm using v1.6 and osc2.2ms2 Anyone out there solved this problem?? thanks!
  3. Anybody know how to make the new fields "REQUIRED"? Right now, they can be left empty of course, just wondering if anyone has done the modifications to check the input. thanks!
  4. Does anybody know how to make the extra fields "required" so that people have to fill them out to order the item? Thank you!
  5. sabre

    BTSv1.2 Support

    The install worked great! Thanks for this very useful contrib. However I ran the mysql statement 3 times by accident. How can I fix this as I know very little about mysql?? thank you!