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  1. chucken

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    I'd like to have phpbb separated from osc but still have the header an footer from osc, how do I accomplish this? I know that it is the /forum/includes/page_header.php that I should edit but trying to include appplication_top.php and header.php from there gives me alot of error messages. Has anyone done this successfully?
  2. Hi guys! I have a serious problem and I need your help. Since I installed qpro 4.2 i get an error in checkout_process around here: //------insert customer choosen option eof ---- $total_weight += ($order->products[$i]['qty'] * $order->products[$i]['weight']); $total_tax += tep_calculate_tax($total_products_price, $products_tax) * $order->products[$i]['qty']; $total_cost += $total_products_price; $products_ordered .= $order->products[$i]['qty'] . ' x ' . $order->products[$i]['name'] . ' (' . $order->products[$i]['model'] . ') = ' . $currencies->display_price($order->products[$i]['final_price'], $order->products[$i]['tax'], $order->products[$i]['qty']) . $products_ordered_attributes . "\n"; } During checkout just before the confirmation page I get a 'Parse error' on the last line above. If I remove that bracket then the order goes through. However, only order total information is saved (total price, freight, total tax etc) but no product information at all (such as name, price etc). Please help me with this one!