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  1. cd100

    PayPal Only Checkout

    @@NaturesPond Hi, did you ever find a solution to removing the checkout button? Thanks Claire
  2. cd100

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Jim, Thank you so much for your help with this, and for your fantastic contribution(s). All sorted now! Regards Claire
  3. cd100

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    I installed theme switcher and its all working fine. Only problem is, where do I change background of categories - products page please? Its still standard, but because I have theme installed and am using white text, you can't read it. Are some elements still controlled by stylesheet, even when using themeswitcher? Thanks
  4. cd100

    Urgent paypal help please!!

    Hi there, Can anybody help me? I took my first order the other day for ?15.50. In my Admin, the payment showed as 'pending', but the money was in my Paypal account as completed, and so I processed the order . Today, there is an order showing in my admin totalling ?49.50 for 3 items. Again, the order is complete. It shows the items, the total, and the buyers address. It also says: Payment Method: PayPal (Credit Card / Debit) . Thing is, the money isn't in my paypal account, so I am a little confused. Obviously, I dont want to miss out on any orders, but I can't understand what's happened. Any help greatly appreciated. Claire
  5. cd100

    Install probs

    Hi there, Instructions in this contribution say: Repleace <title><?php echo META_TAG_TITLE; ?></title> on ever php page in the main catalog directory Trouble is, I cant find any line <title><?php echo META_TAG_TITLE; ?></title> in my .php files! Have looked at the php files from a fressh install too, and they don't seem to have this line either. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong/missing? Thanks Claire
  6. Hi there, I installed this, and it seemed to be working o.k (not that I know what it's really supposed to do LOL). When I go to the store and try to add to the cart however, I get a 'you must enable cookies' page which I have never seen before. Even if I then enable cookies, I still seem to end up back at this page when I try to add to the cart. Question 2 How do I clear the cache? Question 3 What is the best contribution to use to change my page title on every page. Have tried a few, but can't seem to get any to work properly. Is there one for idiots? Regards, And thanks for any help in advance! Claire
  7. Hi, Could somebody help me out with this please? Have installed all the rest of this contribution, but cant work out where this last piece of code should go. Could somebody be a little more specific as to where it goes. At the moment, despite making all the other changes there is no difference to my store. Would this last addition make a big difference, or is there something else wrong? I'm sure I have done everything correctly. Step #6 - In In /admin/includes/functions/general.php Before code } (around line 956) add this code @unlink(DIR_FS_CACHE . 'url.cache'); Note: This should be the at the end of the tep_reset_cache_block function
  8. cd100

    IPN Help please!

    Hi there, I have IPN installed, and have the following problems: I receive an email from paypal saying a payment has been made, but what is the 'order email from osc'? I dont receive that. The customers name and order shows up in admin (under 'orders' no less!) but it shows as 'pending'. What exactly does pending mean? I know that the transaction has completed, and the money is in my account, as I used a test product and my mums paypal account. I cannot set up IPN via the paypal website without specifying a URL, but my understanding is that this is done automatically by the contribution...is this correct? Why then am I not showing up as IPN enabled in my paypal profile? My email address is correct in my paypal profile, so I am a little lost. I can cope this way if I have to, but it means that I have to check in admin for any new orders, and then double check my paypal account to see if the payment has cleared before I despatch anything. Sorry to drone on!! Can anyone help with any of this? Regards, Claire
  9. cd100

    More probs!

    Thanks, Will add that when I get home. With regards to the sessions thing..I did that the other day and it was o.k, but now it's back. Is it only a temporary fix? Regards, Claire
  10. cd100

    PayPal IPN?

    I too am getting all my orders showing as pending, but I am still in test mode so don't know if this is normal. Claire
  11. cd100

    Paypal logos!

    Thanks Wendy!! LOL, I wasn't scrolling to the bottom of the page, so couldn't see the html! Don't suppose you could tell me where to stick it (without being rude) I want it on my checkout page. Regards, Claire
  12. cd100

    More probs!

    Hi there, I have installed/uninstalled this quite a few times now, and here are my latest probs. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I am very close to giving up! If I leave the checkout_success.php file in its original state, the page displays o.k. When I edit it (following the text file with the contribution....i.e. insert $ before the HEADER_TITLE etc, and then paste the code before the $breadcrumb, my page (checkout-success) looks like this NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_PENDING NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_PENDING Please notify me of updates to the products I have selected below: PRODUCT Thanks for shopping with us online! Also, the transaction does not show up in admin, and I still get this error at the bottom of the admin page: 1062 - Duplicate entry 'a750f0da11142cf8091f2c29f54b40bb' for key 1 insert into sessions values ('a750f0da11142cf8091f2c29f54b40bb?action=view?action=view?action=view?action=view?action=view?action=view', '1127166331', 'language|s:7:\"english\";languages_id|s:1:\"1\";selected_box|s:13:\"configuration\";') [TEP STOP] Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0 Pinning all my hopes on you guys! Regards, Claire
  13. cd100

    Paypal logos!

    I must be more stupid than I thought! I just cannot see how to download the paypal logo from their site! I go to the online logo centre, select a logo (solution graphic, the middle one), and then can go no further! Is it just me? Can anyone help out? Is there a post of the html anywhere else? Any help appreciated, Claire
  14. cd100

    Payapl IPN: Quick Question

    When I go into paypal to turn IPN on, it wont allow me too unless I specify a URL. Which address am I supposed to be putting in there? Regards, Claire
  15. Hello, Hope someone can help with this(Please!!!!!) I have installed APC on my store. I go into test mode and place an order, but I then get returned to the 'we are processing your order page', instead of the 'thankyou for your order' page. In Admin I only have 2 authorised orders showing up (both from a few days ago, when it was working!), but I have no facility to click on these and actually view what was ordered/paid for? Somebody help me please. Would I be better of just using the basic nochex? Does the real one have that many advantages? Am getting so confused now... Regards Claire