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  1. The code that inserts the coupon as "used" in the discount_coupons_to_orders table should be in checkout_process.php. If you have it in checkout_confirmation.php, then you edited the files incorrectly.
  2. Please double check your module settings in Modules > Order Total > Discount Coupon. You need to tell the module not to apply the discount to the subtotal if that's what you want.
  3. For the debug - make sure you made the changes to checkout_confirmation.php. For the order total lines, please include examples of what you're getting and what you expect. It's difficult to interpret what exactly you're saying is wrong there. I'm just not following very well. As far as the cart issue - do you have a minimum order requirement contribution?
  4. What other contributions do you have installed? Discounts are applied before tax. Always have been.
  5. I just uploaded a bugfix for this. Try it and see if that fixes your problem. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4269
  6. If you'd like a diff file, you can create one yourself by comparing the provided files to the source. Most store owners wouldn't know what to do with a diff, so I'd rather avoid the headache.
  7. Nor should it. Did you upload checkout_payment.php to includes/modules/order_total? If you see one in there, it's not supposed to be there.
  8. The error may be caused by prices displaying with tax. Can you enable debugging in Modules > Order Total > Discount Coupons? Once you have done that, proceed to create the above order. When you get to the confirmation screen, View Source in your browser (Usually Edit > View Source or something similar) and email me the information that appears between: <!-- Discount Coupons DEBUG and End Discount Coupons DEBUG--> Be sure to set the module back to non-debug mode after you have done this.
  9. This contribution doesn't affect anything that should be able to cause this. Ask for help on the general forums. I suspect this error appearing after you installed DCC is just coincidence.
  10. Using ANY discount contribution with Paypal requires using the aggregate paypal cart. Itemized will not work. This is a limitation of Paypal, so there's nothing I can do to get around it.
  11. If you don't need to translate the admin section, then you only have 3 files you need to worry about: catalog/includes/languages/english.php catalog/includes/languages/english/checkout_payment.php catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/ot_discount_coupon.php
  12. I've changed the install instructions to reflect the change, but I don't think this needs really needs a "bugfix". It should work the same either way.
  13. I've posted a bugfix for this. Thanks for bringing it to attention.
  14. Change this block of code to this and see if that fixes it: //kgt - discount coupons if( tep_session_is_registered( 'coupon' ) && is_object( $order->coupon ) ) { $sql_data_array = array( 'coupons_id' => $order->coupon->coupon['coupons_id'], 'orders_id' => $insert_id ); tep_db_perform( TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ORDERS, $sql_data_array ); } //end kgt - discount coupons
  15. If it's properly inserting into the discount_coupons_to_orders table, you should be seeing the counts rise. Take a look in that table, if it's empty, you still have a problem on checkout_process.php.
  16. Try re-uploading includes/classes/discount_coupon.php from the newest install file. If that doesn't fix it, let me know and I'll take a closer look tomorrow.
  17. The way to fix this will be completely dependent on your template. I suggest posting to the general questions forum for help with HTML and layout. That's off-topic for this thread.
  18. Please see the common problems section for help with this.
  19. You probably don't have your zones set up correctly. Either get them fixed, or try replacing lines 69-75 of includes/classes/discount_coupon.php with this: $check_user_query = tep_db_query($sql = 'SELECT dc2z.geo_zone_id FROM '.TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ZONES.' dc2z LEFT JOIN '.TABLE_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES.' z2g USING( geo_zone_id ) WHERE ( z2g.zone_id='.(int)$delivery['zone_id'].' or z2g.zone_id = 0 or z2g.zone_id IS NULL ) AND ( z2g.zone_country_id='.(int)$delivery['country_id'].' or z2g.zone_country_id = 0 ) AND dc2z.coupons_id="'.tep_db_input( $code ).'"' );
  20. Please revisit the install instructions. It appears you have not uploaded all the files necessary.
  21. We'd need to know more details, like what paypal module you're using, and what other contributions you have installed.
  22. Version 3.0 has been uploaded. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4269 Bug Fixes: Reduced possibility of inaccurate discounts due to rounding errors. Fixed bug that limited discount to item price (should not be done for fixed discounts). Other Changes: True fixed discounts added. Shipping discounts added. Exclusions based on products, categories, manufacturers, and customers added. TracyS provided code for an additional exclusion type, shipping zones. Added new coupon minimum types "product quantity" and "price total" to limit coupon usage depending on cart item quantity or price total, respectively. Added module configuration option to toggle whether product specials are excluded. Added module configuration option to toggle whether order totals are allowed to be negative (can happen if you create a fixed discount with a discount amount greater than the minimum order). Added a module configuration option to toggle whether debugging should be on.
  23. That is how it is intended to work. osCommerce expects you to have the images on your local machine when you use the categories/products manager.
  24. Payment module file for Paypal 2.2 uploaded: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4269
  25. This is due to Paypal's own limitations. There's nothing I can do about it, since I have no influence over what Paypal chooses to support. This is a problem shared by all discount contributions. I agree it's annoying and limiting, but aggregate is simply the only way you can properly pass discounts to Paypal.