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  1. No. It could be installed in / or /catalog/ or /some/really/long/file/path/ And all three should work exactly the same (providing you have your store set up correctly - basically, if your store works with whatever path system you have, this contribution should work fine as well).
  2. kgt

    Shipping Module Creation Help

    Start with the UPS or USPS shipping modules for guidance. They're actually pretty simple. In the code provided, you won't really need the code that displays the response.
  3. Please comment out line 116 of includes/classes/discount_coupon.php and see if that fixes the problem.
  4. The next version of this, which is currently being tested, will allow you to exclude products, categories, manufacturers, and even customers. You should have no problem creating coupons and excluding all but one product so that you have a coupon for a product. The only disadvantage to this method is the contribution currently only allows one coupon to be used per order.
  5. Please read the manual, as both of these questions are answered. You can edit the text in the module settings, and you cannot edit certain fields for existing coupons.
  6. I cannot see how the code you posted can possibly give these results. I have also downloaded the contribution and looked at the code, and I still cannot see what could be wrong. When I run the report against my orders with discounts, the results are perfectly correct. Did you ever modify this file? Try downloading the most recent version and replacing what you have with that file.
  7. I don't understand. As I read that code, it appears to be displaying the grand total for the orders, not the subtotals.
  8. Email or PM me with your email address and I will send you instructions. Thanks to all volunteers!
  9. The change would need to be made in includes/classes/discount_coupon.php. As far as how to do it, I'm positive it can be done, but I cannot tell you how without looking into it more deeply than I have time to right now. It would not necessarily be an easy thing to do. Please send me an email or PM with your email address so I can send you instructions for testing.
  10. This contribution has little to do with shipping and this is a vague description of the problem, so it's difficult to say without more information.
  11. 1. I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying the "do not allow free shipping if discount brings order subtotal below minimum" is not working at all, or are you saying it's not working like you want it to? With your contribution, I suspect there is a change to exactly how free shipping is handled. If so, then that would affect whether or not the DCC is able to recognize there's free shipping. 2. I do not need programmers to test, I need people who will be using this to test. I need people to go through the install instructions and test the calculations to make sure everything is working as it should. These are big changes waiting to come out, and I don't want to support buggy code (and I can't stand the thought of releasing something I won't support). Time frame - beginning of next week unless a big problem is found.
  12. So in the code I gave you, change 'ot_total' to 'ot_subtotal'...
  13. Replace line 60 in admin/stats_customers.php with this: $customers_query_raw = "select c.customers_firstname, c.customers_lastname, sum(ot.value) as ordersum from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " c, " . TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL . " ot, " . TABLE_ORDERS . " o where c.customers_id = o.customers_id and o.orders_id = ot.orders_id and ot.class='ot_total' group by c.customers_firstname, c.customers_lastname order by ordersum DESC";
  14. Nothing more specific than "sometime soon." If you want it sooner rather than later, please PM or email me to help test it.
  15. Your order ids are not getting saved, so it's impossible to relate a coupon to an order and therefor impossible to relate it to a customer. Post the code you have for checkout_process.php.
  16. This question has already been answered in this thread. The answer is not at this time, unless you change the code. The new version will allow you to exclude specials. It is in testing now. If you want it sooner, volunteer to test - I need more people to test before it's ready.
  17. This has nothing to do with the SQL script or the tables. It's purely a code issue - you're missing the defines for the tables in includes/database_tables.php.
  18. The span is there because the error message uses the currencies class to correctly display the currency symbol. If you only use one currency, you can change includes/languages/english.php to read: define('ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_MIN_ERROR', 'The minimum order total for this coupon is $%s'); Then edit includes/classes/discount_coupon.php. Change lines 54-67 to: function check_coupons_min_order() { global $order, $currencies; //if we display the subtotal without the discount applied, then just compare the subtotal to the minimum order if( MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_DISPLAY_SUBTOTAL == 'false' && $this->coupon['coupons_min_order'] > $order->info['subtotal'] ) { $this->error_message[] = sprintf( ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_MIN_ERROR.$order->info['subtotal'], number_format( $this->coupon['coupons_min_order'], 2 ) ); //if we display the subtotal with the discount applied, then we need to compare the subtotal with the discount added back in to the minimum order } else if( MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_DISPLAY_SUBTOTAL == 'true' ) { $subtotal = $order->info['subtotal']; foreach( $order->info['applied_discount'] as $discount ) { $subtotal += $discount; } if( $this->coupon['coupons_min_order'] > $subtotal ) $this->error_message[] = sprintf( ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON_MIN_ERROR, number_format( $this->coupon['coupons_min_order'], 2 ) ); } } (Not tested)
  19. The message will display in the URL because that's how the error message is passed from page to page. It is normal (and required).
  20. You have output occurring in awards/checkout_payment.php on line 2. I can't tell you how to fix it without seeing the code.
  21. This is more of a paypal question. Try posting in the general questions forum.
  22. kgt

    Need to add the CVV2 from customer's credit card

    This is great to read! I see too many people forgetting or not realizing the effort needed to protect cc information. I hope you will use your experience to help others here understand what's required before they can "safely" save this information.
  23. Can you give an example order confirmation page where this happens (include the item prices and quantities as they can make a difference)?
  24. Are you using paypal ipn? If so, see the contribution page for a fix. If not, please check to see if there are entries in the discount_coupons_to_orders table for that used coupon. Probably because of the URL rewriting you're using and the slash in the span tag in the error message. If you manually change the URL to: /checkout_payment.php/error_message/The+minimum+order+total+for+this+coupon+is+$100.00 does it work?
  25. The newest version, which is being tested right now, will give you the ability to prevent products already on special from being discounted with a coupon.