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  1. pezdude

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Took me about 1/2 hr to write the code. Was easy. send email with attachment, read email, print email. So, you're printing the laser labels and shrinkng them?
  2. pezdude

    Automated FedEx Labels

    To those that have struggled to figure out how to get your FedEx Thermal Labels to print out locally to your Eltron / Zebra printer from your server..... here's something I found that works great. Been struggling with this for weeks, emailed FedEx, emailed others, scoured google - with no luck. Here's the short story, if you need details, post and I'll reply. A. Create a unique email address dedicated to just labels (will make sense later) 1. Send your data to Fedex 2. Save the returned shipping label to a file on the server as XXX.prn (XXX being whatever you wanna call it - I use the tracking number) 3. create an email, and attach the newly created XXX.prn file. Send this email to the unique email address you created in step A. B. go get this sofware: http://www.mail-print.com/ It's a cool little app that runs in the background (windows) that checks a email address at a interval you declare, or you can manually check for mail. It checks the mailbox you setup in step A for email, and if there's an attachment it will send that directly to your thermal printer. Friggn sweet. Setup The MailPrint Software 1. click New 2. Enter your Mail Sever, Account Name etc 3. Print Settings: Select your Eltron / Zebra Printer 4. Content: select Print attachments only. 5. click OK. You can adjust other options by clicking on..... options button. The downside... the software has a 30 day free trial, but after that it's $99 bucks. Is exactly what I needed, was about to give up. Hope this helps! :lol: