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  1. Hi, I want to show the group and groupdiscount for the specific customer in the welcome message. example: Welcome back 'customer'. You belong to 'groupname' which entitles you to a discount of 'discount%'. This is allready calculated of the price. Would you... Is that possible? How can I do that?
  2. Hi, Im setting up a shop there only members can shop and new account have to manually be accepted by the admin. But I would like non-members (not registered) to be able to make a wishlist at the shop and send it to a member by email. I installed 2.4b and this contrib. allmost does it, but It requires following modifications (I think). 1. Be able to make a wishlist without being logged in/registered. 2. Make wishlist id to sessions instead of customer_id. Empty list when the session is lost or email sent. 3. Full support of product attributes (maybe this allready is present in 2.4b?) 4. Quantity needed in wishlist. If easier, there is no problem to solve it like I have to click/add the same product serval times. Is this possible??? Would be very greatful.