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  1. jdwl


    Not as far as I understand. if there is no pdf for a product you will get the error page. my workaround is to have a placeholder pdf (or gif) and attach that to every product for which I don't have a pdf.
  2. My line 401 in admin/includes/functions/general.php reads: eval("\$address = \"$fmt\";"); Also - the contrib only asks you to edit the last line of general.php - so no changes should have been made at line 401 or anywhere before it. my last lines (from the contrib) are: } //// sort order //// // Sets the sort order of a product function tep_set_product_sort_order($products_id, $sort_order) { return tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " set products_sort_order = '" . $sort_order . "', products_last_modified = now() where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"); } ?> If you like I can email you my general.php - pm me your address.
  3. The contrib is working fine for me - go through the instructions again, you may have missed something.
  4. I am wanting to do something very similar - except grab one field and put it in the products listing. Unfortunately the contrib has a very different method for retrieving data than normal osCommerce sql-listings Did you ever get it work? / anyone else?
  5. Hi, I have just installed this contrib and it works great - I only have one question. Is there anyway to make the top result the highest number (rather than the lowest)? I would like to use the date I add/update the product as the sort number - so newest products are at the top. Cheers! jeremy
  6. I believe that odd comment means to change it in the percentage field in the Admin - not in the code itself.
  7. jdwl

    2.5% fee added for amex or diners

    Oh - and in Australia we are also allowed to pass the surcharge on - as long as it is not more than what AMEX charges.
  8. jdwl

    2.5% fee added for amex or diners

    Smiley - does the order of the order total modules (in admin) matter? So the surcharge works for you?
  9. jdwl

    2.5% fee added for amex or diners

    Thanks from me as well Sean! This is exactly what I needed. However I have the same problem as smiley - no surcharge in the email or the order :( Any ideas?
  10. jdwl


    Hey - sorry to sidetrack the conversation - but I am using the pdf upload contrib and for some reason the link to the pdf appears in products that don't have a pdf! Any ideas?
  11. jdwl

    Not working

    the rates can be a little tricky to understand at first. Point 1: Don't leave ANY spaces in your list. Point 2: Check and recheck your syntax - it should look like this: 1:10.00,2:20.00,3:40.00 Where 1=item weight and 10.00 is the cost. Once you get the hang of this you can look at getting tricky (percentages etc etc) Cheers; j
  12. jdwl

    Zones module wont disable

    Well I fixed it! If anyone else gets stuck like this the fix is as follows: (nb: this involves editing your database - make a backup first!!!) 1: remove the zones.php from the MODULES_SHIPPING_INSTALLED table 2: remove all MODULES_SHIPPING_ZONES tables. (be careful to not remove ZONES2 tables or any other table) 3: In admin reinstall the zones.php module - hey presto - it works! The problem appears to be that if the zones.php breaks - and you then try to reinstall it - it will create duplicate MODULES_SHIPPING_ZONES tables in the db - and leave the old ones behind, the module will not work with the duplicate tables so they must be manually removed. Jdwl
  13. Hi all; I have been using Oscommerce for a business site since Feb 2005 and have had no real problems - until I tried to add extra zones to the zones module (I am using the zones.php zones2.php contribution found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,zones2.php). I changed the number of zones in zones.php from 3 to 5 and it completely freaked out my shipping modules admin page (php errors). I then restored the original zones.php. While this got the shipping module page working again I am stuck with another problem. The 'zones.php' module is apparently still installed (it has a 0 next to it indicating a sort order position and it appears in the checkout). However, when I click on it in the shipping modules list instead of 'remove' or 'edit' the button I have is 'Install' - clicking 'Install' does nothing. If I delete the zones.php my checkout dies on the shipping options page asking for the zones.php. What can I do? Or where should I look? I have read the config tables in the database but am unsure what controls whether the zones.php is installed or not - and am too afraid to make changes... Thanks; Jeremy