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  1. Where would I find it. Sorry working on a friends mac today so dont have all my programs
  2. Re did all the install on a clean categories file. Still not working.
  3. ill recheck them now. But I am using google chrome on both.
  4. So I am having a problem with this still. I have it all installed but when I add a product then I go to do the year make and model enter the info click add... Nothing happens. Tried on a mac and pc just to make sure it was not the computer I was on. So to me the ADD button is not working. Any thoughts ideas? Thanks
  5. _Keith_

    Year, Make Model Contribution

    Any help with this?
  6. _Keith_

    Year, Make Model Contribution

    Im setting up a full online store. So all makes and models need to be in the system.
  7. _Keith_

    Year, Make Model Contribution

    Holy crap.... Anyone have this populated already?
  8. _Keith_

    Year, Make Model Contribution

    Im also having another problem. I set the placement of it. And it does not move from the bottom.
  9. _Keith_

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. Uploaded the files went into the admin area. Went to install the module and I do not see the Fedex module to install. Did 3 shift refresh and still nothing. Any suggestions? PS I checked the placement it is in the right areas
  10. Also another thing I have noticed. I setup my sort order for this contrib and its still at the bottom of the page.
  11. Hey Chris so I now have the test site up and am modding up the store. Know where I can find a pre made list thats easy to import into the database with all the year make model info? Looking at saving some time here.
  12. _Keith_

    Year, Make Model Contribution

    Anyone know where I can get the already populated make and models?
  13. Ah got it. I confused myself while reading your install file. Thanks
  14. So I have went to install this on a new 2.3 install. I used the drop in files. But when I go to the modules to install it after doing the sql query theirs nothing there to install. I noticed that in the drop-in files theirs nothing that goes into the modules folder. Is the package to download on the site incomplete?
  15. How do you get the access key and such so you can use the ups xml. I read you need them