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  1. All seems to be working now. I have put my 2 different emails back in and everything seems normal. glad for that. *whew*
  2. OK, THE EMAIL CHANGE WORKED. Originally I had different email addresses listed for the BUSINESS and MAIN email addreses. I followed graysonhobby's advice and made both email addresses in the module the PRIMARY email address of my PayPal account, and now everything is working fine. So apparently the only people who experienced this problem is people who had two different emails for accepting their payments. For a temporary fix until payPal finally fixes the code issue, simply change the addresses in your Paypal IPN module to your PRIMARY paypal address, and all will be fine. I hope that helps,
  3. Chey, if your PayPal Payment Module is asking for only one single paypal email address, then you do not have the PayApl IPN that we are all using.
  4. OK, I will give that a try, since it is sending the notifications to my PRIMARY-EMAIL account anyhow, I have noting to lose. I did test it this past weekend with both of my BUSINESS-ID-EMAIL addresses in both sections, but i neglected to try it with my PRIMARY-EMAIL in both sections. I just updated the fields. Let's see how it goes until Paypal fixes the issue. I'll report back.
  5. Is that Monday, as in next week on the 23rd? or today? *smile*
  6. Looks like everybody who uses the PayPal IPN is going to have to change to someone elses PayPal Payment Module contribution. Mine was working so lovely though. Like clockwork for me. This is sad. I think today I am going to install some alternates. if you guys beat me to it, report back on how good it works for you.
  7. I do not think the 17 digit PayPal Transaction Number (that uses numbers and upper-case letters) matters to osCommerce PayPal IPN. I think the IPN generates its own 32 digit number. You will find it @ PayPal in the Payment Details for the order, under "CUSTOM" . You will find it @ osCommerce in the PayPal IPN transaction activity in parentheses. It's a long 32 digit alphanumeric number that uses numbers and lower-case letters. Both 32 digit IPN numbers match on the order for me (on paypal details & also my servers oscommerce details), yet the problem still persists. This is good though, let's narrow it down. Anymore thoughts? I'm sick of manually processing these PayPal orders for the last 4 days.
  8. I wonder if the PayPal IPN mod is no longer any good and everybody who uses it must change up to a newer PayPal Payment Module. Analii, which one are you using? Maybe we can switch to yours.
  9. All new orders from Midnight October 12th, 2006 onwards are no longer receiving IPN information back from PayPal after an order has been correctly completed. The orders are remaining in "PENDING" status and not being moved to "COMPLETE" as they should be and were doing everyday before October 12th. The customer and myself are receiving notifications of the payment but not the order process email. One thing I have noticed since this abrupt change is the payment notification emails from PayPal are no longer being sent to the BUSINESS ID EMAIL ADDRESS any more. I have 2 different sites running and all PayPal payment emails are now being sent to the PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS only. This change in the system is currently affecting both of the websites and NOTHING has been changed on the websites OR the server. No additions, no upgrades, no fixes, no nothing. No changes to the Pay Pal account either. Is anyone else having this problem or know what's going on?
  10. swrawls

    Messenger Status Contribution

    MRGTEC, That's because the MESSENGER.SQL file has pre-numbered the lines starting at 256. However your configuration table already has something numbered 256. All you gotta do is change the numbers of the first line to 260 and so on and so on for the others. Hopefully you dont have anything prenumbered 260, and it will be fine.
  11. swrawls

    Authorize.new Echeck Module, I HAVE ONE

    I too am interested in an Authorizenet eCheck payment module. I have emailed the author of this post, but if i get no response, does anybody else have one......Please?
  12. Hello wonderul people (especially you Linda! *wink*) Thanks for all the wonderful contributions you give. I got one slight problem tho. I now have a Download-Only site that I am setting up, and I needed to use your contribution so people who pay with Check.MoneyOrder cant get free downloads until I update the status. Well, After downloading your contribution, I didnt see any instructions on the differences in the files. About 4 of the files you modified and want me to replace, has already been modified about 3-4 times each from other modifications I have installed. (PayPal, Affiliates, Comments, etc...) If I simply replace what I have now with what you provided, I loose all my other contributions. Your documentation doesnt show anywhere that a change was made, or what to modify in the code or anything. I have no idea what those other contributions have changed. I have no idea what you changed. Now, im sorta screwed (for lack of a better word). Any suggestions?