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  1. I'm after a bit of advice from those who have, hopefully, been there, done that, and got the t-shirt :D I have an online retail store that is busy and I'm extending into wholesale. So I need to have the same items on display and same details (sizes, colours, etc) but with different prices. The account access also needs to be kept separate to avoid those with retail access ending up on the wholesale section! I want to give the wholesale side a more basic, functional look to make it easily distinguishable as well - that, I guess, may be the easiest part :P I'm thinking of installing osCommerce into a second folder (it already runs the retail shop) called, say, wholesale and copying the database across and maybe renaming it for the use of the wholesale folder, to avoid any accidental entries on the retail side of things. How easy is that? Will the installation being in a different folder mean all the links to the database need changing? Or will it link to the newly named copy database without problem? My hope is that, as it's in different folders, it will look for links within those folders to work and so won't interfere with the other installation. My fear is that there may be 'common' files installed into certain directories by default and my tring to install a second copy of osCommerce may cause major problems....... Anyone done anything similar? What worked and what didn't? All help/advice greatly appreciated ;) Christine