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  1. garywsumpter

    Article Manager v1.0

  2. garywsumpter

    Article Manager v1.0

    COuld somebody please tell me WHICH file I should download to install this? Theres a whole list of them, I'm assuming I will need a basic install and then to install the bug fixes one by one? Is there not an updated install with all the bugs fixed? Thanks
  3. How? Ive searched the forums and there hasnt really been a definitive answer, despite a few people asking exactly the same questions. HOW do you add a simple blog system to oscommerce that doesnt rely on visiting an external site to update it and that can all be updated via a web based interface. I look forward to your suggestions! Gary
  4. garywsumpter

    PHPLIST - Mailing List

    Any suggestions?
  5. garywsumpter


    Hi are. Are any of you available to create a contrib for PHPLIST? I'm having a bit of a nightmare integrateing phplist and oscommerce. Love to hear your thoughts! Gary
  6. garywsumpter

    PHPLIST - Mailing List

    Alternatively can any of you suggest any decent mailing list managers that DO integrate well into oscommerce? Thanks Gary
  7. garywsumpter

    PHPLIST - Mailing List

    Hi all, Have any of you successfully integrated PHPLIST ( www.tincan.co.uk ) into oscommerce? I intend on using it as its perfect for what I need, but IDEALLY it needs to integrate into my oscommerce site, purely from a cosmetic point of view. Ideally customers should be able to sign up from within oscommerce, not be directed to a page with a different layout etc. Have any of you had any luck doing this? I look forward to your replies! Gary
  8. garywsumpter

    Recommend a newsletter manager?

    Anyone? This seems to be a popular request. Can anyone shed some light? Im looking for a really decent way to manage sending wekly or monthly emails with products updates etc. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Can any of you recommend a decent newsletter manager for oscommerce? My store is ready and I am adding products. I want to get off on the right foor my sending my existing customer database a welcome newsletter. Ideally I want them to be able to subscribe and unsubscribe easily and automatically. Also ideally I want to import my customer list in one go (bulk) instead of one at a time. Are there any DECENT newsletter contributions or anything that any of you can recommend? Thanks a lot Gary
  10. garywsumpter

    Newsletter / Update emails

  11. Hi all, Which contrib do you think is best for sending out periodical emails to customers? Ideally they can just add their email on any page and from that I can easily send a product / website update email once a month. Any suggestions? Many Thanks
  12. garywsumpter

    Main Page Improvement

    i'll take a look, thanks for the heads up.
  13. garywsumpter

    Main Page Improvement

    Could someone please tell me of the best way to make the first page of my store look a lot more attractive? Is there a way to add products to the main area of the page (without just popping html into the text area) It would be GREAT if each time someone visists my site, it looks a little different with product rotating on the main page. Any ideas? Many Thanks Gary